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Google Maps User Uncovers ‘Kraken Sea Monster Prowling the Ocean’ in Creepy Pic

(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

While no longer a pirate-dwelling world, people internationally nevertheless remain intrigued by the legendary Kraken potentially prowling our sea floors. Now modern technology-enabled a Google Maps user to discover an apparently genuine Kraken sea monster occupying Earth’s oceans.

After sharing the image in a post, viewers have sparked numerous theories. And while we may want to believe that the legendary creature exists, realists pointed out far likelier explanations.

Nevertheless, the Google Maps user said in their post, “I’m not familiar with how Google decides to render certain objects via satellite or whether there have been cases of recorded volcanic disturbances but this does not appear to be any sort of vessel.” The post continued with, “its sheer length rivals the maximum recorded blue whale.”

One theorist shared their thoughts, explaining they had been researching the topic. “I’ve done some research over the last few years,” the commenter began, “and according to satellite images this wasn’t around in [the] the 1800s or even for a long period of time after that.”

Someone else simply stated, “Looks like giant squid vs a sperm whale.”

Nevertheless, as much as imaginative minds might hope, several theorists pointed out the image simply captured a rock. One commenter entirely drained the fantasy of the image, stating, “Apparently it’s a rock.”

Nevertheless, the image is truly captivating, with incredibly dark waters surrounding swirls of foamy green cosmic-like patterns.

Sea Monster Located in Land-Locked Kansas

The latest sea monster sighting went public via Google Maps somewhere in the world’s vast oceans. However, scientists previously identified the fossils of one prehistoric sea monster in Kansas of all places.

The sea monster was originally located in the western region of Kansas in the 1970s. Although, scientists had difficulty categorizing the creature. So until recently, the sea monster remained in storage. Officially identified as Ectenosaurus everhartorum, it’s only the second known species of the Ectenosaurus genus.

According to Live Science, the creature, measuring 18 feet long, prowled the ocean that previously covered the area of Kansas within which the fossil was found. Interestingly, during the time of the dinosaurs, much of North America remained submerged in ancient oceans. Now, as scientists peruse the land previously occupied by these fascinating creatures, we’re, ironically, left discovering the fossils and remains of impressive sea monsters in now-land-locked areas.

The now completed study of the sea monster states she originally boasted a head and snout about two feet long. However, a distinctive notch on her jawbone classifies her as the only creature of her kind yet discovered. The feature further mystifies the ancient sea monster. While it only took about 50 years to finally identify the fascinating creature, she nevertheless remains swathed in questions scientists may never know the answers to.