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Hiker Trades Boots for Heels to Climb Colorado Mountains: ‘Why Not?’

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There is a saying that goes, a woman can do anything a man can do, but in heels. Well, this Colorado hiker proved this statement to be true as she literally went above and beyond to climb a mountain wearing the unconventional footwear.

Erin Ton is a decorated (and fashionable) hiker. Last month she traded out her hiking boot for high heels as she climbed 57 of Colorado’s “fourteeners.” The ‘fourteeners” are a string of mountains in the Centennial State over 14,000 feet.

Ton started her journey across the mountains in August of 2018.

Why did the 22-year-old want to hike in heels? Easy, the recent Cornell University graduate said, “It’s more like, why not?”

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I’m running out of fancy clothes (👠4/58)

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Not exactly a convincing reason to risk a broken ankle, but hey, more props to her!

Not to worry, though. Ton is equipped with a first aid kit, as well as other supplies for issues like blisters and irritation. In addition, Ton only wears the heels for the climb up and switches to hiking boots for the way back down.

“I thought it would be a fun celebration to hike Elbert again, but do it in high heels,” Ton told the paper, referring to her first climb of Mount Elbert. “It’s kind of a full-circle thing.”

Naturally, Ton has gained a lot of attention for the heels. In response, she decided to summit three other mountains.

Along with her shoes, she said she stands out along the trail.

“It doesn’t help that I’m blond, I’m female, and I’ve been told that I look like I’m 17 or 18,” she told the paper.

Instagram’s Heel- Hiker

Ton has posted many of her climbs to her Instagram account. Her go-to hiking heels are a pair of black shoes with a chunky heel and a small strap over her toes as well as around her ankle. The heel looks to be around two or three inches high. In addition to her heels, Ton frequently pairs them with a fancy dress. More odd hiking wear.

We can’t even walk on a flat road in heels, so power to you, Erin! Girl power!

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