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Indiana Man’s 100-Year-Old Deer Mount a Treasured Family Heirloom

(Photo by Natalia FedosenkoTASS via Getty Images)

This hunting season, Bill Nielsen’s gigantic ten-point mounted buck heirloom turns 100 years old. Back in 1920, Nielsen’s great uncle took down the beast with a .22 caliber rifle. Now, the buck that must have weighed 300 pounds hangs in Nielsen’s wall next to more of his kills. Nothing stacks up to that monster of a deer mount.

The mount itself is an old school style, yet still in very good shape. It still has a black nose and whiskers, and the right antler resembled a caribou antler with its webbed nature. The old mount even had the furniture stuffing in the ears that was used at the time. Nielsen describes how absolutely massive the mount really is:

“You should see the neck on this thing!” he said. “The deer had to weigh 300 pounds; the muzzle from the rack to the end of the nose is almost twice as big and as wide as any mount I’ve got, and I have mounts of deer that weighed 220 pounds.”

Nielsen found the deer mount so impressive that he decided to enter it into the Michigan Commemorative Bucks Program. In 1992, he had the buck officially scored at 140.5, making it into the record books. Nielsen entered it under his great uncle’s name, who killed the deer one hundred years ago this season. This precious heirloom will make a great decoration for years to come.

“I have wall of deer ‘heirlooms’ for my boys to have some day,” Nielsen said.

Bag a Buck and Get that Deer Mounted

While we are already well into hunting season, it’s not too late to get your big buck of the season. Especially if you hunt in Alabama. According to the Alabama WFF Director, “the rut,” or the mating season for deer, begins very soon. With all the bucks out there looking for a mate, their behavior will change drastically. If you are willing to put in the work, this could be the perfect time for you to get that big buck of the season to add to your deer mount collection.