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Man Falls 250ft off Cliff To His Death While Taking Photos at National Park

(Photo Credit: Tony Shi Photography/ Getty Images)

A 25-year-old man fell more than 250 feet to his death after he attempted to take a picture of a scenic overlook, said the National Park Service. The organization is actively looking into the incident. However, there is more happening than just the initial tragedy.

The situation happened at the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. The National Park Service Dispatch responded at 9:04 a.m. October 4 to a report of a man falling off a cliff.

Officials identified the man as Orlando Serrano-Arzola from Phoenix, Arizona. A witness saw the man taking photos near the Glen Canyon Overlook before falling over 100 feet. He then slide another 150 feet further down the canyon.

“A Coconino County Sheriff’s Office Deputy rappelled to the victim at 9:27 a.m and confirmed the victim was deceased,” the NPS said in a statement. “The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, National Park Service, Page Police Department and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation provided assistance with recovery operations. The victim was transported to the Medical Examiner’s Office in Flagstaff for an autopsy.”

However, Serrano-Arzola’s fall is not the only issue at hand. While tragic, the 25-year-old’s death is leading to a new development. The National Park Service now has a new incident to investigate.

Officials Discover Other Remains

The tragic incident at Glen Canyon is taking another turn.

After recovering Serrano-Arzola’s body, officials are now looking at another gruesome discovery. Another set of human remains were also at the bottom of the canyon. They are unrelated to the incident involving Serrano-Arzola.

“Officers from Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office discovered bones at the base of the Glen Canyon Dam Overlook on Sunday, October 4, that have been determined to be human remains,” the NPS said in a separate statement. “The discovery was made while recovering the body of an unrelated fatality in the same location.”

It isn’t surprising that they are unrelated due to the state of the remains.

As of now, there is very little information available. It is unknown how long the bones have been at the bottom of the canyon. Officials are also figuring out exactly where the remains came from. The identity is also unknown at this time.

Authorities are conducting investigations into both of the deaths. The NPS will release more information when it becomes available. Follow the NPS’ updates here.

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