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Man’s Shockingly Nonchalant Account of Friend’s Horrific Bear Attack and Injuries Goes Viral

Photo by: Avalon/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

A bear attack can be one of the deadliest things to happen out in nature. A hiking or camping trip can quickly turn deadly when one stumbles into your vicinity.

It’s no casual event to be in the presence of a bear and especially not to be attacked by one.

Friend Gets Mauled by Bear

However, Graham Kraft created a GoFundMe page to help his friend who had just survived a bear attack. Despite the traumatic attack, Kraft detailed the occurrence in the most nonchalant, chill way possible.

According to Narcity, the GoFundMe is titled “Bart got bit by a bear.” Most headlines and stories tend to favor words like “mauled” or even just “attacked.” When you see bit you imagine a little dog jumping up and biting someone.

Kraft also used this as an opportunity to casually take the blame for his friend’s “bite.” He wrote, “I unknowingly walked over a bear den and [Bart] got mauled.”

GoFundMe Page Raises More Than Goal

The point of the GoFundMe is to raise money for Bart’s surgery. He has a smashed arm, needs his ear reattached, and also has puncture wounds that need to be sewn up. On top of medical bills, Bart is also employed doing manual labor. This means he will be out of work for the foreseeable future.

So far the page has a total of $35,615 raised. The goal was $30,000.

However, if his friend can survive the bite of a bear, he expects him to be up and running very soon.

“Bart will also need to replace equipment that was either shredded by the bear or cut off during the rescue before he can wander cautiously through bear country again,” wrote Kraft.  

The page and Bart have gotten a lot of support since the story has been shared. In a recent update on the page, Kraft wrote, “The doctors are amazed at the pace his body is recovering and released him from the hospital yesterday. As many of you know, Bart is a fiercely independent bear of a human being, and more than anything wants a period of something resembling hibernation where he can catch some much needed rest and heal up … We hope to use laughter and positive energy to heal the many layers of trauma as we move forward.”

He thanked everyone that has donated so far. It has been enough to cover medical expenses, some gear, and partially help him get back on his feet. Many of the donations seem to be from people who knew Bart as they are leaving personal messages. One person simply wrote, “See you back in the snow soon!”

Hiking and Bears

It’s important to always be on the lookout for bears if you’re in an area that has them. Bears will attack when they feel like their space or their cubs are being threatened.

For Bart and Kraft, stepping on the bear den was enough to signal the animal to attack.

According to National Park Service, it’s important to look out for fresh signs of bears like tracks, scat, or digging. It’s also incredibly important to understand bear habitat. This means avoiding areas that have heavy brush and tree stands. This is where they will rest as well as feed.

It’s always important to hike in a group. It will decrease the likelihood of being surprised by a bear since more people are on the lookout. Bears may be more likely to not attack larger groups as well.

Always make noise periodically while hiking. It’s important to never startle a bear. Bells are useful but are often only effective once you’re too close. Depending on the type of bear, always know the best way to respond once a bear sees you.