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Massive Turkey Wreaks Havoc on Dental Office After Crashing Through Window

(Photo Credit: Teresa Kopec/ Getty Images)

What do you do when your food fights back? Well, ask this California dental office when a massive turkey comes barreling through the window.

Probably revenge for Thanksgiving if I had to guess.

Here’s what happened. Donna McDonald, the office manager at Gregory Hailey DDS in Fair Oaks, was minding her own business, going about her workday at the dental office. The next thing she knew, a massive feathered bird came crashing through the double-paned window and started causing chaos in the waiting room.

Gosh, some people are afraid of the dentist as it is, let alone having a wild turkey barge in and scaring them half to death.

In fact, the noise was so loud, McDonald feared something much worse was happening than just a humongous turkey coming in for his six-month cleaning.

McDonald told the Sacramento Bee that she “thought it might be an earthquake.”

Thankfully, Donna McDonald was the only person in the office at the time. After a quick investigation, she found the turkey clawing at the walls and going berserk.

McDonald phoned animal control to come and remove the turkey. She admitted that the bird even gave animal control a hard time.

“There was no wrangling this bird as an amateur. The wildlife lady kind of struggled with it,” McDonald said.

Why the Turkey Charged

Greg Grimm, the treasurer of Gold Country Wildlife Rescue, gave some insight into why the turkey may have charged the window.

“The turkey may have seen its own reflection in the window and attacked it, confusing it for a romantic rival amid the mating season for the birds.”

She also highlighted the damages the office will have to repair.

“It clawed up multiple walls to where we’re gonna have to repaint in there,” said the office manager. “Some of the glass that came in cut the dental chairs … and we’ll need some deep cleaning.”

It’s like the tooth fairy, but feathery and not nearly as friendly.

Conveniently enough, Outsider reported on self-defense tips in case of this very situation with a wild turkey.

“The best tip is – avoid the wild birds if at all possible. Another important piece of advice is not to be intimidated by a turkey that is aggressive.”

You can find more information on how to be prepared here at Outsider!