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New York Woman Believes She Saw ‘Red-Eyed’ Bigfoot Damage Shed, Trespass on Property

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A woman in New York claimed that she saw a massive creature that could only have been a Bigfoot. The Ulster County woman said that the mythic Bigfoot has been stalking her property for the entire year.

Jane Vespe told News 12 Brooklyn about the incident that took place on her property. She shared her story and explained that the creature has damaged her property. She also added that she had an encounter with the beast.

Of course, people around the country are paying close attention to this story. She reported the story to the news outlet in glorious fashion.

“I saw the eyes. It stood about 10-11 feet tall, and my heart was racing,” Vespe said about her encounter with Bigfoot. The woman lives in Highland, New York. The town is on the banks of the Hudson River, and well north of New York City.

More importantly, the woman said that the Bigfoot has been near her property since January. She said that she has seen it four times, all at night. Her most recent sighting came on Thursday, May 6.

“These eyes were really red,” the woman explained. “I looked out my window and I saw it. It was scary because it was standing on my lawn, and I knew it was out there.”

A Woman Has Been Having Numerous Encounters With a Bigfoot

Vespe said that the Bigfoot has moved things around her property. She noted that it had moved garbage cans across her lawn and had damaged her shed.

The New York woman said that she has heard it making strange noises outside of her house at night. Additionally noting that she thinks it has been banging on the side of her house.

However, her neighbors are highly skeptical of her story. Nonetheless, there is a growing furor surrounding the strange creatures. There has been a rise in the sightings of the cryptid animal alongside a blossoming interest.

Another supposed Bigfoot sighting came out of Oregon earlier this year in April. A hiker claimed that the creature was “clearly watching” him while he was on a trail.

However, not everyone believes that such creatures exist. One person detailed their thinking quite bluntly, and said, “This could be literally anything. Nothing is showing anything specific for people to be so excited about… just some fur between the bushes.”

While another doubtful contributor said of the Oregon encounter, “The only thing I see moving is the camera. How can you determine what that is when the view is obstructed and the camera is so shaky?”

Even though there are plenty of people who will remain skeptical of the sighting and existence of Bigfoot, many others are firm believers. So, maybe Vespe can get an excellent photo of the creature that is clearly unedited to convince the public.