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Oldest Outdoors Group is Challenging People to Spend 2 Hours Outdoors, Plus Survival Tips

(Photo Credit: Marko Geber/ Getty Images)

America’s oldest outdoors group is challenging everyone to live a healthier life by getting outside for at least two hours a week.

Although experts say to aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day, The Appalachian Mountain Club only asks that you get outside for two hours a week.

That’s right! Lace up your shoes and get outside because it’s #selfcare 2021.

The Appalachian Mountain Club also shares six must-have survival tips in a press release today to help you survive the seemingly never-ending winter.

We get it. Between the freezing temperatures, minimal daylight hours, and pandemic, getting a little vitamin D seems impossible. However, just a quick walk for 20 minutes a day will help you conquer the two-hour-a-week goal. Not only will you physically feel better, but mentally as well.

Six Tips for the Outdoors

According to Colby Meehan, the Leadership Training Manager for the Appalachian Mountain Club, these six simple tips will have you “thriving, surviving, and basking in everything Mother Nature has to offer during winter 2021.”

Firstly, you need to make a plan. Map out your exact trail or route to help avoid disasters or getting lost. In addition, clock out how long the trip should take. For longer hikes or walks, be sure to pack water and high-energy snacks. Just wait until you get three miles in, and your stomach starts to growl. You will thank us later.

Second. Look at the forecast. That last thing you want is to be far from your car or home, and it starts torrential down pouring on you. Not only is that uncomfortable, but it’s dangerous. Stay alert to changing weather patterns or radar warnings. You can always change your plans around to work with Mother Nature.

Third, make sure you dress the part. Always pack a jacket or umbrella. The Appalachian Mountain Club also recommends avoiding fabrics like cotton and opting for ones like polyester or wool. In addition, the experienced group says to bring an extra pair of socks and gloves. Most can agree that cold fingers and toes can ruin a day.

Next, you have to take into account that we are still dealing with a pandemic. Colby Meehan says to build a safe and protected outdoor living space. This way you can enjoy the company of friends and the outdoors. Despite your budget, there is an outdoor space for you, even if that means a small fire pit area. The group also recommends meal prepping. This way, you spend less time in the kitchen worrying and more time outdoors with family and friends. Please don’t forget to pick up any trash! This world is for everyone, not just you, Litter Bug!

The fifth tip has to do with getting outside for at least 120 minutes a week. The possibilities are endless, snow or no snow! As we said, it won’t only improve your physical help, but your mental health as well. We have to love and take care of our brain health as much as any other part of our body.

Finally, it doesn’t matter if you live in a city, a small town or the countryside, everyone can take some time outdoors. If you are in high populated areas like cities, mask up, and take the shoelace express around town! You might find yourself being a tourist in your own town.

Appalachian Mountain Club Mission

The press release closes with the mission statement for the Appalachian Mountain Club. They hope to “foster the protection, enjoyment, and understanding of the outdoors.” While also envisioning “a world where our natural resources are healthy, loved and always protected, and where the outdoors occupies a place of central importance in every person’s life.”

So grab that jacket and get going! There is a whole world out there for you to see.