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Photo: Terry the Turtle Seemingly ‘Flips The Bird’ and We Can’t Blame Him

(Photo Credit: Gerard Soury/ Getty Images)

We never thought we would (or could) relate to something more in 2020 than Terry, the sea turtle seen giving a photographer the bird. 

Naturally, Terry took home first prize for being a whole mood, as well as the Comedy Wildlife Photography Award. But we agree with the first win more. 

Nearly 7,000 people entered their funny wildlife pictures. Still, none could top Terry, who was seen stale facing the camera. In addition, he looks completely unamused and is flipping off Mark Fitzpatrick, the photographer. 

Say this five times fast, “Terry, the testy turtle, flips fin on film.”

Other top contenders in the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Award are also worth taking a look at. We can also relate to the raccoon on a personal level, which is titled, “Almost Time to Get Up.”

Terry the Turtle Calls for Conservation

Fitzpatrick took the photo of the salty sea dweller of Lady Elliot Island in Queensland, Australia. Although the turtle doesn’t look happy, Fitzpatrick is delighted with his perfectly timed shot and the praise it is generating. He also took the time to talk about much-needed conservation efforts for our marine wildlife.  

“It’s been amazing to see the reaction to my photo of Terry the Turtle flipping the bird, with Terry giving people a laugh in what has been a difficult year for many, as well as helping spread an important conservation message,” says Fitzpatrick. 

“Hopefully, Terry the Turtle can encourage more people to take a moment and think about how much our incredible wildlife depends on us and what we can do to help them. Flippers crossed that this award puts Terry in a better mood the next time I see him at Lady Elliot Island!”

Other categories for the photography contest include Nature, Astrophotography (stars and space), Wildlife, and Macro (very, very tiny things close up). 

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