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Popular Instagram Hunting Couple Charged in Nebraska’s Largest Ever Poaching Case

(Photo by William Campbell/Corbis via Getty Images)

In a landmark hunting case for Nebraska, this celebrity hunting couple is being hit with a “laundry list of charges” in federal court for elk poaching.

Sarah and Josh Bowmar are receiving far different fanfare than they’re used to. Facing a long list of charges, the Bowmars are being brought to federal court over their elk poaching practices.

The Ohio based couple rose to fame with success in online hunting videos. They also own a highly successful physical fitness training program. Their bowhunting success – and poaching – however, is now what they’ll be infamous for.

Instead of Youtube or Instagram, the two are now heading to federal court. While fans once were praising the Bowmars for their hunting prowess, they’ll now have to face the facts of their criminal exploits.

Together, the couple faces charges not limited to: hunting turkeys without a valid license, illegal baiting of wildlife, and illegally transporting game across state lines.

Bowmar Couple Face Numerous Felony Charges

According to Gear Junkie, the couple has also broken several Nebraska state laws. The charges now include “violating the federal Lacey Act through interstate commerce of wildlife.”

“Filed by United States Attorney Joseph P. Kelly in July, a 20-page indictment lists all charges. The document requests the forfeiture of three whitetail bucks killed in 2016 and 2017 by the couple, a compound bow, and monetary reparations equal to the value of the property involved. However, no amount is yet disclosed.”

Releasing a public statement, the couple’s lawyer states the Bowmars have pled “not guilty”. In addition, their lawyer stresses the two “remain innocent until proven otherwise.” Both intend to combat the charges and go before a jury.

Hidden Hills Outfitters Responsible For Largest Poaching Case in Nebraska History

The Bowmars are part of a far larger legal incident. Hidden Hills Outfitters, or HHO, of Broken Bow, Nebraska is saddling massive charges from the state. The company’s co-owner and guide lead, Joshua Hueftle, is receiving 30 months in federal prison over the charges. Moreover, he is the recipient of fines totaling over $200,000. The recipient of these fines? The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. For his poaching practices, Hueftle will also receive a 15-year-ban on obtaining hunting licenses within the U.S.

The Bowmars and Hueftle, however, are far from alone. The landmark case includes more than 30 defendants who have already pled guilty. Their fines total over $500,000 separately, and over 53 years of banning in hunting privileges. As a result of their practices, almost 100 animal harvests were party to poaching.

In addition, Nebraska is also charging HHO with “regularly killing non-game migratory birds.” Beneficial raptors, such as the American kestrel and several hawk species, are victims of the company’s unlawful slaughter. All of which is a violation of the federal Migratory Bird Act.

Josh Bowmar’s official Instagram, which you can view here, has yet to address the charges.

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