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SC Fish Wranglers Catch Monster Saltwater Fish, Break Multiple Records

(Photo credit: Chris Stein/ Getty Image)

If you are an angler in the hopes of catching some luck, look no further than South Carolina.  Three different fishing records have been set for three types of saltwater fish in the Palmetto State this summer, confirms the state Department of Natural Resources. 

A record was set by Lilli Kirkland when she reeled in a 28-pound, 0.8-ounce skipjack tuna on June 3. She cast her line into what she thought was a school of dolphins and hooked the massive tuna.

“I picked up a rod, and I let some of the line out. And next thing you know, I had a fish on,” Kirkland explained. 


On June 20, Christopher Corgill reeled in his record-breaking snowy grouper near Goat Island. The grouper’s weight was an astounding 35-pounds and 12.8-ounces.  

Only a few weeks later, on July 4, David Lowe caught a 27-pound, 12.8-ounce golden tilefish to earn his spot on the record board. 

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist Kayla Rudnay says that this year has been a big one for breaking state records. This could be due to 2020 being a year of more people outside fishing or just plain luck. 

“I don’t think it’s ever been this busy in terms of records,” Rudnay says. “I guess it’s the quarantine and people are fishing more. That’s a giant assumption, but it’s been much more busy with phone calls and qualifications.”

Rudnay goes on to say, “this whole pandemic situation has had challenges, but it has been good to see people get out in nature more and use our resources more. It makes all of us in the natural resources world want to make sure we are protecting our resources effectively in the way we should.”

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