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States Offering Youth and Military Hunting Days in February

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Two states are enacting new programs that allow children, veterans, and active military duty to hunt waterfowl in February.

Kentucky’s Special Hunting Weekends

As Kentucky waterfowl hunting season comes to a close, the fun will keep going with a youth waterfowl hunting weekend.

Kentucky’s regular statewide duck season ends on Sunday, Jan. 31.

Feb. 6-7 brings the youth season when kids younger than 16 get the chance to hunt ducks and geese with supervision.

The Kentucky Fish & Wildlife Commission voted to transition the youth hunt into special waterfowl hunts split between kids for one day and veterans/active-duty military on another.

However, the schedule change is still waiting for Kentucky’s General Assembly’s approval to make it a final regulation. Still, it is likely to be enacted in the fall of this year.

Under the new schedule, Saturday, Nov. 20, would offer youth waterfowl hunting statewide and specific to one particular zone. On Sunday, Nov. 21, military veterans on active duty members would get a special day of early season duck and goose hunting.

Maryland’s Hunting Days For Youth, Veterans

In addition, in Maryland, youth hunters, veterans, and active military can experience hunting exclusively on Feb. 6.

“The opportunity to offer special hunts to youth has become a part of our annual waterfowl hunting traditions, and we are happy to expand this privilege to our veterans and military personnel,” Director Paul Peditto said.

“This day gives our youth hunters and military personnel time to share the magic of Maryland’s marshes and fields.”

Maryland hunters under the age of 16, military veterans, and members of the Armed Forces on active duty, can hunt ducks, geese, and coots on public and private lands.

Youth hunters must be accompanied by an adult at least 21 years old. Furthermore, military personnel can also be paired with youth hunters.

The limits for the hunting days are the same as regular seasons, however, there are a few limitations. Hunters may take two black ducks, one Canada goose, and five Canada geese.