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‘Super cow’ 364-Pound Bluefin Tuna Caught in California

Photo by Patrick AVENTURIER/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Last week, a fisherman reeled in a rare 364-pound bluefin tuna off the coast of California while on a two-day private charter trip out of Newport Beach.

The angler, Adonis Soriano, joined 17 other fishermen on the two-day expedition. Soriano caught the huge fish that would immediately be his personal best. The massive bluefin measured in at 81 inches long, and weighed 364.5 pounds.

The impressive tuna, which had a 61-inch girth, is considered a super cow because of its size. ‘Super cow’ bluefin tunas weigh at least 300 pounds, or more. Soriano’s catch easily exceeded that threshold by more than 64 pounds.

The charter company’s official Facebook account posted a photo of Soriano holding his catch proudly.


Soriano said the battle for the enormous fish was a struggle, but that it only lasted around an hour.

“(The fish took) long runs that almost took all the line off my reel,” says Soriano.

Soriano’s Bluefin Tuna Falls Short of the World Record by 40 Lbs.

Newport Beach’s Davey’s Locker charter master Jeff Price said that Soriano “started cranking the handle as hard as he could” to reel the fish in.

“It gets to be exhausting, but the longer you have the fish on, the higher the chance you will lose it. He did an excellent job landing this fish,” Price explained.

Soriano was not the only lucky fisherman to catch a sizable bluefin tuna. Price said that 65 bluefins were caught on the fishing trip. Additionally, the catches included seven that weighed more than 100 pounds, four over 200 pounds, and of course Soriano’s weighed over 300. According to the company’s Facebook post, Soriano’s super cow was the largest tuna ever caught on the Newport Landing Sportfishing boats.

In 2010, angler Mike Livingston of Sunland, CA set the world record for a super cow catch. The gigantic bluefin tuna he caught reportedly weighed 405.2 pounds.

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