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Three Must-Have Apps for Hunting Season

Patrick Schopflin-Unsplash

A successful hunt requires thorough preparation, skillful execution, and proper gear. And luck. So far, no technology exists to help with the luck factor. That means leaning more heavily on the elements one can control. There are many mobile apps available to assist with everything from navigation to staving off boredom in an unproductive stand. Consequently, what works for you will depend on what you want from technology and how comfortable you are employing it. So, if you’re taking your phone on your next hunt, consider how it could be a useful tool in your kit. Here are three apps to consider. 

onX Hunt

Knowing how to navigate in the outdoors is an essential skill. The Global Positioning System (GPS) has proven to be a reliable addition to map-reading skills. Accordingly, many apps are using the integrated GPS technology in smart phones to turn mobile devices into way-finding tools. OnX Hunt expands beyond basic navigation by recognizing the demands of modern hunters.

In addition to standard GPS capabilities such as recording tracks and logging waypoints, this hunting app offers access to additional layers of map information. Boundaries for private land and game management units are included. Therefore, a hunter never unknowingly wanders onto private property or out of their hunting zone. With a premium single state membership, onX Hunt provides private landowner information. This can assist with contacting them for potential access to promising areas. Likewise, the elite nationwide membership option allows access to this intelligence for all 50 states.  


Developed by whitetail hunters Terry and Mark Drury, DeerCast is a specialized hunting application. Based on an area’s weather data and “a 13-factor, proprietary algorithm,” the app intends to predict deer movement and improve a hunter’s chance of success. Available on both iOS and Android mobile devices, DeerCast offers differently priced options with varied features. Additionally, the DC Elite package includes tracking assistance based on point of impact. With this information, the app suggests likely tracking signs and how to proceed to recover a hit deer.  

Medicine for the Outdoors

No pack or first aid kit is complete without a wilderness medical field guide. With many hunters carrying a smart phone in their gear, having this critical information on hand can be simple. Medicine for the Outdoors is a searchable reference volume for medical situations and their appropriate protocols and actions. Importantly, the guide is downloadable, meaning no service is needed to access the information in remote backcountry scenarios. Furthermore, with included instructional illustrations, the app is designed to consider the limitations, hazards, and environments specific to wilderness medical situations.  

Certainly, there are many more applications available to the hunter interested gaining an edge by expanding their use of technology. Consider exploring how these or other apps could help you become a safer, better prepared, and more successful hunter. Oh yeah . . .  and good luck.