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Three People Stranded on Island for 33 Days Are Rescued: Here’s How They Survived

Photo by: Alexis Rosenfeld/Getty Images

A group of people found themselves stranded on a deserted island. It was like “Lost” or “Gilligan’s Island” or even “The Wilds.”

However, luckily they were discovered by the U.S. Coast Guard after 33 days on the island. There were two men and one woman on the deserted Bahamian island. It was somewhere between Key West and Cuba.

According to WPLG-Ch.10, the Coast Guard saw the trio waving flags they made on the island. They were dropped food, water, and a radio to interact with Coast Guard Air Station before a helicopter crew came in to pick them up.

“We were alerted to them by the flags that they actually had in addition to a large cross that they put out there for themselves,” Aircraft Commander Mike Allert said.

The three people are from Cuba. They were on a boat when it capsized. Luckily, they were able to swim to the nearby island.

How Did They Survive?

You can watch all the episodes of “Survivor” or “Man vs. Wild,” but when you’re in a situation like this reality is much more difficult than television makes it out to be.

The three individuals were in mostly great shape, which shocked the Coast Guard. After nearly five weeks on the island, they had managed to find food as well as a limited water source.

According to WPLG-Ch.10, the castaways told the Coast Guard that they survived off the meat of conchs and rats. The lack of freshwater is what nearly killed them. They are in a hospital at the Lower Keys Medical Center in Monroe County.

ABC News reported that the three had no reported injuries. However, they showed signs of dehydration and fatigue. They are in overall good condition, given the circumstances.

Being an Outsider

The situation, while terrifying, is an extraordinary example of just how resilient and quick-witted people are in the great outdoors. It is similar to our beliefs here at Outsider. It’s all about the idea that the outdoors make us stronger and bring us closer together.

While this certainly isn’t an example of a pleasant moment outdoors, it represents strength, perseverance, and a knowledge of the outdoors.

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