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Video: Over 100 Bison Escape, Roam Loose in Nebraska

(Photo by William Campbell-Corbis via Getty Images)

Over one hundred bison escaped a feedlot in Nebraska on Wednesday. The large animals are roaming in herds of 30 to 40 on the southern edge of the state. Nebraska State Patrol tweeted announcing the bizarre event, asking for any information to aid in the corralling process.

Phelps County Sheriff Gene Samuelson says the animals most likely escaped around 5am Wednesday morning from Overton, Nebraska. Officers weren’t alerted about the large roaming herd, until later though, after a semi-truck hit one of the bison.

Drivers have hit a total of five bison, Lieutenant Jamie Tilson of Phelps County reports to Lincoln Journal Star. The sheriff’s office is warning drivers and motorists to be on the lookout for the large animals. They hope spreading the news and increased caution will limit any more buffalo casualties and ensure citizen safety.

Citizen safety is the aim, above all. The Phelps County Sheriff’s Office is urging residents to keep their distance from the large and possibly dangerous animals : “Please do not approach the bison.”

Tilson also explains the owner of the animals is working on getting them back to his land. “The owner of the buffalo is rounding up cowboys and other farmers to help out,” he says. “They are getting four-wheelers and horses.”

As the owner attempts to wrangle the herd, the sheriff office requests anyone who sees the animals to share information. The County Sheriff Office urges anyone who sees the bison to call and provide a location, so the herd can return quickly and safely to their owner.