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Colorado Officials Searching for Deer With Plastic Halloween Pumpkin Stuck on Face: WATCH

(Getty Images/jim Schlett)

Officials in Colorado are racing against time as they continue to search for an unlucky deer who has gotten its snout stuck in a plastic Halloween pumpkin. The deer was spotted in a Colorado neighborhood recently. The animal was roaming yards and open areas with other deer while sporting the blue plastic jack-o-lantern on its nose. Officials fear that the deer could face starvation without intervention to remove the object from the animal’s snout.

Colorado Officials Consider Options For Helping Deer Who Is Facing Starvation With Plastic Jack-O-Lantern Stuck On Its Face

The doe is worrying Colorado wildlife officials and residents alike in the town of Parker since it could face starvation if the plastic pumpkin is not removed. However, doing this is proving to be difficult for the authorities. This comes as the deer is still mobile. It can also see and hear just fine…all of which makes approaching the animal a difficult process. However, the deer must eat and drink.

‘The problem is it’s still mobile,” notes Colorado wildlife officer Katie Doyle.

“So it’s hard for us to keep up with it,” Doyle adds. “And get it in a situation where we can safely remove it.”

Some ideas officials have for helping the skittish animal include tranquilizing the deer. However, tracking it down is proving to be a difficult part of the process, the Colorado officials note.

This Is A Good Reminder For People To Be Careful With Their Outdoor Holiday Decorations

According to Katie Doyle, this incident is a good reminder for people to be cautious with their holiday decorations. Folks need to make sure the objects are safe for area wildlife. It may be fun to decorate during these celebratory seasons. However, the animals that populate our outdoor areas may not find it so fun when they encounter issues similar to what this deer is experiencing.

The Colorado wildlife official reminds those choosing to decorate their yards this holiday season to put decorations at least eight feet off the ground. This will keep the deer from getting caught up in the objects as they pass by.

Katie Doyle adds that plastic jack-o-lanterns aren’t the only concern for animals. The fake cobwebs that tend to be so popular during the Halloween season can lead to deer getting caught in the webbing. Officials recommend putting these objects higher up. It’s important to consider the height of an animal’s antlers, too.

‘It’s really important that people are aware that if they live around wildlife that they have objects taken inside,” Doyle explains, “Or not put in places where wildlife will get into it.”