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Hero Dog Rescues Tiny Fawn from Drowning in Heartwarming Clip

Photo by Phil Noble - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

This hero pup deserves an award… or at least an extra big bone. In a disastrous moment, an impressively skilled dog risked its own life to save a tiny fawn at risk of drowning. Despite the high water levels and potential debris hiding underneath the murky surface, the sweet canine dutifully paddled across, gingerly holding the delicate deer in its mouth until he reached his owner on the other side. All the while, the baby deer bleated, unsure what was carrying it across the water.

The video never gets old. Watching one animal go to great lengths to aid another is incredibly moving and often restores a bit of our faith in the world. This loyal companion paid no mind to the dangers at hand and focused only on bringing the baying fawn to the grassy bank where it could either recover or the owner could deliver it to a wildlife hospital.

Watch the sweet moment below.

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It’s possible that we may be exaggerating the dog’s motive in the situation. Rather than saving a small animal, the brave canine was probably only doing what his owner trained him to do – retrieve game without damaging it. Still, even if the dog didn’t initiate the effort to rescue the fawn, it’s still incredible that the pup would complete the command without hesitation, trusting its instinct and owner regardless of the rushing water.

If there’s anything we can learn from this hero dog, besides compassion for all species, it’s to respond quickly and calmly in emergency situations.

Brave Dog Gets Tons of Praise After Rescuing Fawn From Flood

Once the unnamed dog reached solid ground, panting wildly from exertion, his owner rewarded the pup with a well-deserved “Good boy.”

Likewise, TikTok viewers were ready to give virtual pats and praise to the sweet pup, nearly each one commending him for his actions.

“can anyone believe something like this would happen? ? oh my goodness this is incredible,” one viewer gushed, adding a slew of medal and award emojis.

Another agreed, “Most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Awesome baby you have there.”

“labs are wonderful animals,” a third said.

Given the dog’s impressive swimming, it’s probable that he’s a black labrador retriever, or at the very least a mix. As bird hunters know, these dogs can’t stay away from water. They relish every opportunity to put their webbed paws and paddling skills to use. Because of this, the little fawn was unbelievably lucky that the owner and hero dog came across the little survivor. Even though the pup may have been used to ferrying downed birds instead of vulnerable deer, it did its job and saved a life.