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Teen Surfer Gives Legendary Interview in His Wetsuit Outside Hospital After Being Bitten by a Shark

(Image Credit: Joe McBride/Getty Images)

16-year-old surfer Max Haynes was bitten on the foot by a shark while sitting on his board off Kismet Beach on Fire Island last Wednesday. The hospital released him the same day, and he gave a legendary interview to News 12 out of Long Island, sitting in a wheelchair still in his wetsuit with his father by his side.

The news outlet caught Max right when Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip, New York released him. He had a bandage on his right foot, and he still had zinc oxide on his face from earlier in the day. When asked how he was doing, Max replied, “I’m alright now, you know. I was a little shaken up before, but really I’m just tired, I’ve had a long day.”

The incident happened around 5:45 pm off Kismet Beach. According to News 12, he was about 20 yards offshore when the shark bit him. He then described the incident for viewers. “So basically,” he began, “I was just sitting there with my legs dangling in the water, you know, trying to catch a few waves. But then, out of nowhere, this thing latched onto my foot.” He made a gesture similar to a jaw opening and closing on his foot.

Teen Bitten By Shark, Shares Story in Interesting Interview

Max continued, “And [it] held on for a few seconds, and [it was] just crazy.” When asked what was going through his mind, he replied, “Like, ‘this is happening, this is a shark.’ Laughing a little bit, I was like ‘what is happening?'” He shared that he told his friend to get out of the water, but his friend didn’t believe him. News 12 also shared photos of Max’s injury. In one photo, two people carried him off the beach. Another is a closer look at his bloody foot as they set him down in a chair. It’s hard to see the wound through all the blood, but it looks pretty gnarly overall.

According to News 12, the shark bit a 4-inch gash into Max’s foot. “I’ve got a few puncture wounds on the left [of his foot], and a good little gash on my toe and below that. But it’s feeling alright right now,” said Max.

He shared that he’d be getting stitches the next day, and also shouted out a local restaurant in East Islip. “I think tonight I’m going out and eat at Riley Fibbers in East Islip, great place to eat,” he said as his father laughed beside him. He also shared his Instagram handle. If anyone wants to follow Max Haynes, the boy who was bitten on the foot by a shark, his Instagram is “max_haynes_.” Truly, the children are our future.