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Tourists Free Baby Mountain Goat Lodged Between Two Rocks on Rain-Slick Slope

Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images

While visiting from England, two tourists decided to take a detour on their fishing trip at St. Mary Lake in Vancouver Island to rescue a baby mountain goat in need.

James Archibald and his friends pulled off to the side of the road when they spotted the bright white animal lodged between two rocks. Meanwhile, the mama mountain goat stood nervously nearby, unsure how to help her stuck baby.

Archibald and his friends hurried to the rain-slick rocks, some members of the group even wearing flip-flops. Despite the danger, the tourists knew those little flailing hooves needed their help.

So, they scaled the slippery rocks until they found the bright white baby inverted and stuck in the crevice between two rocks. Gently, they pulled the baby animal by its legs, supporting its back as they lifted the helpless creature.

“As we started climbing, the mother stood over her kid and tilted her head towards us,” Archibald recalled. “We were very cautious she wasn’t going to ram us off the cliff. She then backed off and run up a couple hundred feet and watched.”

Finally, it was Archibald’s friend Martin that freed the mountain goat kid and placed it back on the rocks to recover and rejoin its mom.

“I’m sure my friends never expected to get this close to our local wildlife,” Archibald said.

After successfully saving the animal in need, the group continued to St. Mary Lake for their scheduled fishing trip. Looking back, the group was happy that they saw the animal from the road.

“Seeing it was down three feet and stuck on its back, it’s a good thing we didn’t keep driving and were able to help.”

Watch the heroic moment here.

Fellow Tourists Help Save Another Stuck Hooved Animal Like Mountain Goat in Need

Another animal rescue is gaining lots of attention as a different group of tourists helped a bighorn sheep whose head was stuck in a pile of rocks.

Like the mountain goat kid, the sheep was unable to help itself. Luckily, though, these hikers decided to potentially risk their own safety to save the animal.

From behind the sheep, one hiker pulls the animal’s legs as it weakly kicks, unable to defend itself against attackers and rescuers alike. This rescue wasn’t quite as smooth as the one for the mountain goat kid, though. Likely, the disoriented animal sustained a significant head injury from the impact which is why it had such a hard time staying upright once it was free from its inverted position. The hiker continued to try to assist the creature until it was finally on the grass below the rocky hill.

Eventually, it scampered away, hopefully, finding a place to rest until the world stopped spinning.