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WATCH: Deer Charge Full Speed Across Road, Soar Over Stopped Car

(Image Credit: David C Stephens/Getty Images)

In a wild video taken in March 2021, a group of deer charged across a forest road and right into a BMW. Some of them managed to leap over the car–similar to these deer leaping over shopping carts–which screeched to a stop as the deer burst out of the woods. But, some of the deer body-slammed the car instead. One of the bucks went up on the back of the car after slamming into it, then lept off and kicked around for a second, as if shaking off the impact. All in all, it’s a scary thing to hit one deer, but multiple? I’d be totally freaked out.

Viewers in the comments had a few jokes about the cost to fix the BMW, even though there doesn’t seem to be a lot of damage left by the deer. “It doesn’t look like much but I bet they did between $5-10k worth of damage,” wrote one commenter. Another recounted a similar story where a deer slammed into their read door, leaving a dent in their BMW. “Insurance covered it but they were not happy as the door itself cost 6k,” they explained. Imagine paying $6,000 to fix a dent in your door because a deer accidentally ran into it. BMW is really on a whole other planet sometimes.

Luckily, all the animals in this video seem to get away relatively unharmed, if a bit shook up. The car doesn’t look too bad, either. Overall, this could have been much worse. I’m talking antlers through windshields worse. Props to the BMW’s braking system, though, because that car comes to a pretty quick stop.

Wisconsin Farm Preparing for Culling of More than 300 Deer

A farm facility in Wisconsin is gearing up for the biggest deer depopulation in the state’s history. This massive culling is coming after the Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection in Wisconsin found a huge number of deer infected with Chronic Wasting Disease last August.

“About 325 to 350 white-tailed deer are in pens on the 40-acre property,” Laurie Seale, owner of Maple Hill Farms, explained to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The disease was first found running rampant among the population there. “CWD is devastating me and my business,” she continued. “I know some of my animals will test positive, but it’s wrong to kill all of them.”

Chronic Wasting Disease, or CWD, is an infectious neurological disease that targets deer, moose, and elk. It’s caused by a protein called a prion that attacks the brain. It then causes listlessness, coordination problems, drooling, and other tragic symptoms. It spreads in a population through close contact. Though, most deer don’t even notice that something is wrong with the infected animal in the herd. CWD sometimes leads to reports of “zombie deer” or the folk legend of the “Not-Deer.” This is purported by the “hiding in plain sight” aspect of CWD. Overall, the disease is tragic, and although it hasn’t been shown to spread to humans, it’s unwise to eat meat harvested from an infected deer.