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WATCH: Grizzly Bear Makes Mad Dash for Massive Yellowstone Elk Herd

grizzly bear running
Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) adult running out of woods, Montana, USA, October, controlled subject. (Photo by: Avalon/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

This grizzly bear‘s ability to effortlessly plow through thick Yellowstone National Park brush is as impressive as his pursuit of 50+ elk.

Well-known Yellowstone wildlife photographer Deby Dixon has amassed some amazing footage in her time with the park. One of her most impressive stints of grizzly bear footage is now going viral as a result with over 6 million views.

“In the Hayden Valley area of Yellowstone National Park, a grizzly bear chased a herd of elk relentlessly,” Dixon desribes of her capture. “On this day, the elk managed to escape. At this time of year, when elk calves are being born, the grizzly stay busy hunting, trying to find the elk calves hidden in the sagebrush.”

In general, “Grizzlies are opportunists and often steal carcasses from the wolves,” she continues. “So it is not often that we see one chase a whole herd of elk.”

This footage was filmed in 4K and saved in 4K but You Tube reduced it.

Note from Deby Dixon

Hayden Valley is a Wildlife Watcher’s Dream

If you’re looking to spot bears, elk, wolves, or any of Yellowstone’s other fauna, there’s quite a few wildlife hotspots in the national park. Hayden Valley is among the best, and it would stay open to the public amidst 2022’s Yellowstone Flood recovery. To get there, take to the Grand Loop Road and hit up Yellowstone’s designated lookout points.

Trails are also available in Hayden Valley, with the Hayden Valley Trail running alongside the Yellowstone River and providing some of the best wildlife watching in America. It’s no short jaunt, however. Be sure to dedicate a full day to hiking if you want to tackle the 13+ miles in full. And if you do, you’ll see plenty of our national mammal, the North American bison, too. In fact, Hayden Valley is where the largest herds of free-roaming bison call home. Birds of prey and coyotes also frequent Hayden’s lush pastures, so there’s no shortage of wildlife to be had.

And of course, Hayden Valley is also a great spot to see grizzly bears during their active summer months.

Other Places to Spot Grizzly Bears & Wildlife in Yellowstone National Park

Just as magnificent (if not more so) is Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley. This haven of a valley, or “America’s Serengeti” as some call it, is teeming with bison. Bald eagles, wolves, and grizzly bears also call Lamar home. The lush habitat fed by the Yellowstone River offers plenty of food for both predators and prey, which provides unparalleled wildlife watching for us visitors as a result.

To reach Lamar, the easiest route is to enter the park through Yellowstone’s Northeast Entrance and head for the Tower-Roosevelt Area. Then, use Beartooth Highway to access Lamar Valley, where plenty of designated lookouts reside. Lamar Valley Trail is another excellent scenic walk, with 7 miles of sights to take in.

But please remember, Yellowstone National Park wildlife regulations require visitors to stay 25 yards away from megafauna (bison, elk, deer) at all times. 100 yards is the requirement for predators such as grizzly bears, black bears, and wolves. Stay safe out there, Outsiders!