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WATCH: Massive Bear Steps Into House, Closes Front Door on the Way Out in Incredible Video

Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

When a bear entered a home by mistake, it showed it had proper etiquette by closing the door behind it on its way out.

These days, it’s hard enough finding a human with good manners, so when this bear actually pulled the door handle closed with its teeth, the wild animal definitely earned some respect.

The incident happened at the front door of some unsuspecting TikToker who caught the encounter on their phone. The video starts with the bear already with its front two paws through the entrance, curiously surveying the decked-out den. Seconds after, though, the wild animal decides the risk isn’t worth any reward it would find in the house and closes the door as it leaves.

Is it possible someone trained the bear to do this? Perhaps. The animal could also have learned this technique from previous encounters with humans. Judging from how calmly it reacts to the bipedal residents, this is more likely the case.

Watch the encounter below.

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The admittedly adorable encounter almost makes you want to forget how deadly these animals truly are. Instead of a 200-to-600-pound bear walking through the door, it almost seems like an overgrown, overfed Chow Chow. But that kind of thinking is exactly why most of the bear encounter videos on TikTok end in a trip to the hospital.

In fact, one TikTok viewer captured the sentiment we all feel when we see one of these incredible creatures:

“I wanna pet it but I know I’ll get my hand chopped off.”

And trust us, you will lose a few fingers (or your whole arm) if you try.

Fellow Social Media Addict Finds Out What Happens When You Get Too Close to a Bear

Unlike the resident who unexpectedly found a huge set of paws outside their door, this next person nearly left Yellowstone National Park on a gurney.

When exploring a national park, you have to remember that you’re the one entering the bears’ home. In the same way that the bear showed courtesy by closing the door, we, too, have to show our respect to the animals and their land.

Unfortunately, this concept is foreign for some folks who would rather live through the lens of their phone than actually enjoy an experience. That’s how this tourist, despite many others warning her otherwise, ended up just a few feet away from not one but three grizzly bears at the park.

Check out what happens next.

It’s possible that the small retaining wall stopped the bear from charging any farther. Instead, it settled for a bluff to let the idiotic human know it was too close for comfort. However, the animal shouldn’t have had to assert itself at all while grazing along the green patch of vegetation.

While no species ended up with any injuries from the incident, the woman still cut the bears’ meal short, forcing them to find another location (hopefully, with no prowling tourists) to gain sustenance.