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WATCH: New Angle Shows Intense Coast Guard Rescue of Fisherman Stranded on Rocks

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There are all kinds of things that can go wrong in the outdoors, especially in the ocean. The U.S. Coast Guard is there to help, though. If you are lucky enough to have the Coast Guard intervene, then you’re likely in good hands. A harrowing video out of the U.S. Virgin Islands shows a fisherman being lifted to rescue as he is stranded out on the rocks. It’s a truly wild video.

Yesterday video came out showing the man being rescued amid Tropical Storm Earl. The rain, winds, and weather came in and put this man in a very dangerous situation. The storm forced this poor fisherman out onto these rocks. Just one of the worst places to be. When the water comes in, it can crash down and slam someone into the rocks.

Thankfully, the U.S. Coast Guard was there for the rescue. Using an MH-60T Jayhawk, guardsmen made their way into the area and evacuated the stranded fisherman. This is a new video from the AP that shows the rescue from the helicopter. Try not to get chills as you watch.

Saved During Tropical Storm

Just imagine being in those conditions. How they held on until the Coast Guard arrived is beyond me. One big wave and out into the open water they go, and that’s if they’re lucky to miss the other rocky outcroppings.

Check out this other angle that shows the rescue from further away at the water level. Just another day in the life of these USCG members. This is the video that was released yesterday when the rescue was announced.

Even in the middle of a tropical storm, the work doesn’t end. This is actually where it begins. Making sure that fishermen and others out on the water are able to be brought safely home is what the Coast Guard does. And they do a really good job at it, too.

Coast Guard Busy During Tropical Storm Earl

This rescue occurred off Dog Island. Right now, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and more have been hit by the storm. These areas have been affected in years past by large storms and as the season comes around again, they will brace for more weather. Earl brought rain and damage to these Caribbean islands.

Lt. Shea Smith, Coast Guard MH-60T Jayhawk aircraft commander said, “I’m proud of the crew.”

“Everyone came together as a team to safely and efficiently execute the mission. Fortunately, the survivor was able to hang on until we could arrive, and we are all glad that he is safe.”

The Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean will be churning in the coming months with storms, and soon enough, hurricanes. Tropical Storm Earl gave the Coast Guard some work to do and they responded in kind. They seem ready and poised for the coming storms in the season ahead.