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WATCH: Odd-Antlered Whitetail Buck Wins Epic Battle Against Competitor

Photo by EVA HAMBACH/AFP via Getty Images

Whitetail rut is still a while away, but the battle between bucks for territory has long since begun. And many times, the competition can get pretty intense. One formidable deer even proved that a stunted antler won’t keep him from dominating other males.

Recently, a bystander caught video of this exact incident between two huge bucks that came upon one another. The second, smaller one appeared to have a pretty impressive set of antlers from the side. But once it turned its head, you could see that one was much smaller than the other. Typically, this tends to denote that there’s some sort of genetic abnormality in the whitetail deer. Does even avoid bucks that have lopsided racks. But that didn’t matter to this underdog (underdeer?). Once he caught wind of another male in the area, he was ready to fight.

It didn’t take long for them to size each other up and clash racks. After the first face-off, the odd-antlered deer hunkered down low and twisted so that he had his component on the defense. The buck then quickly walked his larger opponent back before shoving him on his back

When the larger whitetail deer recovered, the buck still didn’t give him an inch. Pushing with all of his might, the smaller male finally warded off his competitor, securing his territory and potential breeding ground.

Even with the buck’s uneven antlers, this show of masculinity likely increased his chances of making it with a doe. With the victory secure, the disadvantaged buck taught his opponent not to judge a deer by its antlers.

Watch the intense moment below.

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Fellow Cervidae Member Loses Antler in Clash with Another Male

A much larger, more powerful cousin of the whitetail experienced a similar situation in a fight with another buck. But this time, the elk started out with both antlers.

Similar to the recent whitetail showdown, this elk fight surfaced on TikTok for viewers to gawk in wonder of these giant Cervidae.

The video began with a calm shot of three elks as they grazed in a golden-lit field, tolerating each other’s company. Quickly, though, the mood shifted as one male decided to lock antlers with another. The aggressor dug down just as the whitetail did, pushing his opponent back. As soon as the two released, though, so did one of the attacking elk’s antlers. But that didn’t stop him.

He reared up on his hind legs and prepared for a total smackdown. However, the other male smartly decided to forfeit the fight and ran off with both antlers still intact.

Meanwhile, the champion elk took a moment to evaluate the change in weight at the top of his head.