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WATCH: Bear Cubs Open California Man’s Truck Door for a Bite of His Corned Beef Lunch

(Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

A California resident got the surprise of a lifetime when he found a couple of bear cubs hoping to munch on his St. Patrick’s Day lunch. Bill Duvall of Sierra Madre was finishing up his to-do list when he spotted the pair of mischievous creatures prowling around his truck when they managed to open the door, looking to steal his corned beef.

On Twitter, ABC7 shared the video that Duvall caught of the two adorably rambunctious bear cubs.

“BEAR-Y CUTE VIDEO: Bill Duvall recorded two baby bears sniffing around his driveway in his Sierra Madre home on Churchill road,” the news station tweeted. “One of the cubs climbs right up to the window of their truck and manages to open it twice!”

California Resident Says One of the Bear Cubs ‘Must Have Been Irish’

As a California native, it’s not surprising that Duvall has frequently run into wildlife around his property. But none of them have tried to climb into his truck, especially when he’s in the driver’s seat.

“I had just come back from the market, picking up some fresh corned beef,” Duvall explained. “And I drove up my driveway and as soon as I started to open the door, both of the cubs were coming down. And immediately, one cub must have been Irish, so it was probably looking for the corned beef because it came right to the door.”

What was even more shocking was that the bear cubs didn’t even need to sniff around to locate the corned beef lunch first. They just placed their little paws right on the truck like they were ordering from a drive-thru.

Sow Returns to Retrieve Her Cubs

In the video, you can see the fuzzy bear cubs wandering to Duvall’s truck. Sure enough, the braver (or hungrier) of the two managed to pull the door handle open. Duvall quickly closed it, knowing that interacting directly with these juvenile bears would put all three of them in a dangerous situation. For the California local, it could mean a run-in with the sow. For the cubs, if they come back to their mom with any human scent, she may reject them. As tempting as it might have been to feed, pet or even let the cubs into his truck, Duvall decided to keep his distance.

Thankfully, the bear cubs “kind of got the message” when he locked the car door. And it’s a good thing, too. Soon enough, mama bear returned.

Towards the end of the video, the California bear cubs climbed a couple of Duvall’s trees with mom chaperoning close by. Meanwhile, Duvall waited patiently and safely in his truck until the little family moved away.