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WATCH: Black Bears Crash Pool Party in Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains

Photo by: Cades Coive, GSMNP

In season five of “The Sopranos,” a black bear shows up in the backyard and begins feeding off some moldy duck food Tony has locked away.

While there was no duck food or Italian mobsters nearby, a black bear similarly crashed the party at a popular vacationing spot in Tennessee.

Black Bears in Tennessee

According to the New York Post, seven black bears showed up to vacation and have a good time in Chalet Village in Gatlinburg, near the Smoky Mountains. The bears didn’t cause any injuries or cause serious damage to the vacationing spot.

Rather, the bears were just there to crash and enjoy the amenities. They took over the pool, tennis courts, and other fun spots, causing humans to retreat away. A woman named Michelle Johnson posted the video on YouTube.

“Right place at the right time I guess. The guys at Chalet Village said they had never seen so many at one time,” Johnson said on her Facebook page at the time.

The Chalet Village says they’re pet friendly, but a group of massive, wild black bears likely isn’t what they meant.

While this number of bears in one spot can be dangerous, it appears the people and area are more accustomed to bear spottings.

Cat Chases Coyote in Canada

Like a scene from “Looney Tunes” or something out of “Open Season,” a cat and a wild coyote had a wild showdown last week.

The Port Moody Police Department released a video of a coyote as it circles around a parking lot in the middle of the night, likely looking for some kind of food. That doesn’t stop a stray cat, however, from defending its turf.

The black cat suddenly leaps into action like a superhero from under a car in the parking lot. The very brave and fearless cat proceeds to hilariously scare and chase off the far-larger, more dangerous coyote.

“The things our patrol officers see at 4am… cat 1, coyote 0. #portmoody #neveradullmoment @PMPDcat,” wrote the police Twitter account.

Wildlife and animals are never dull at all and you never know which animal may, surprisingly, come out on top.

The coyote was traveling alone and the police followed it to make sure it left the area for good. According to People, coyotes are a common sight in Canada, specifically British Columbia. There have been about 40 sightings, three of which ended with an aggressive interaction. Coyotes are more dangerous to other animals than humans, however.

Coyotes have actually recently expanded their range to 49 different states. They are incredibly adaptable animals.