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WATCH: Grizzly Bear Takes Down Bull Elk in Yellowstone River

(Photo by: David Tipling/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Nature is absolutely wild, frequently unforgiving, and this grizzly bear attack just proved that. Yellowstone National Park has issued their annual warning about potentially dangerous bull elk as the rutting season has begun. However, despite the raw power behind a bull elk charge, grizzly bears still apparently remain superior in the battle for survival. Check out the relentless river attack below, although, for Outsiders with softer stomachs, the clip is a bit gruesome.

Bull elk can weigh anywhere between 800 and 1,400 pounds. Therefore, the grizzly bear’s takedown, in the water no less, is truly impressive. Although, despite their bulk, this particular grizzly bear took the upper hand as they are nevertheless impressive swimmers.

Additionally, reports surrounding the elk’s condition at the time put the hooved animal at a greater disadvantage. According to the videographer, the now-deceased elk suffered from a puncture wound from another bull elk. In addition, it possibly sustained a snapped tibia. In other situations, the bear’s takedown of the great animal might have created a much more difficult challenge.

The bear’s initial attack lasted only a few brief minutes. However, the furry creature had quite the time relocating the large dead animal to shore. The cameraman said it took the bear about half an hour to redirect the elk’s carcass to shore.

Grizzly Bear Loses as Nature’s Reigning Champion

Known as North America’s most aggressive species of bear, we like to think our nation’s grizzlies reign supreme. And while the grizzly attack on the wounded elk provides support of that, one Canadian grizzly lost claim to the species’ superiority.

Earlier this month, a hiker discovered a unique sight off of one Yoho National Park trail in British Columbia. We’re relatively accustomed to grizzly domination during the beasts’ confrontations with prey and other species alike. However, this hiker spotted a deceased female grizzly on their hike who had apparently bled out.

While the greatest cause of grizzly bear deaths relate back to human interference, this particular female was not killed by a hunter. Instead, following Parks Canada officials’ forensic necropsy, they found the animal was killed by none other than a mountain goat.

Talk about a plot twist. One wildlife ecologist, David Laskin, said, “Grizzly bear predation of mountain goats is relatively common.” However, despite frequent mountain goat kills, it appears this particular mountain goat fought back with a vengeance. Officials’ investigation of the dead animal revealed the goat left a deep puncture wound beneath each of the animal’s armpits and one directly into the neck.

Laskin further pointed out that, while the grizzly plot twist remains rather uncommon, the areas mountain goats “are big animals and those horns are very sharp.”

Despite the image of the scrawny farm goat you may have pictured, North American mountain goats differ greatly. Standing around four feet tall at the shoulder, wild mountain goats can weigh upwards of 200 pounds.

So, while Outsiders know to be aware of both bull elk and grizzly bears, be sure to add mountain goats to that list as well.