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WATCH: Herd of Goats Headbutt Glass to Break Into Office

(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Is someone training burglar goats? It certainly looks that way, as a clip of a “gang of goats” has surfaced showing the herd ramming its way into a business office.

In this exclusive clip from trade The Sun, a “gang of goats break into an office”. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like so far.

Citing an “Office Break-In Carried Out by Unlikely Culprit” via the video’s title, The Sun posts the footage to their Twitter account with little information Sunday. No word on the location of the office, or the origins of said burglar goats, is given.

What we do know, though, is that the office’s general manager, Greg Cappaert, “initially suspected the office had been robbed,” The Sun cites. Cappaert “called the police” upon arriving to the damage. “When he looked over the security footage,” however, he saw what he calls a “gang of goats.”

Remember how 2021 was going to be super chill after 2020? Yeah, that didn’t happen. Watch for yourself below as the goats have their way with this office entrance courtesy of The Sun. Then, we’ll dive into why, exactly, a goat herd may be busting windows in an office building.

The first goat to challenge the front glass doors gives a killer headbutt, only to have the full pane remove and crash in front of him, startling the goat into a bolt. This looks to be the end – glass shattered all over the sidewalk as his goat cohorts make a run for it.

But oh no, it is only the beginning. One particularly rambunctious goat comes back to the entrance, and proceeds to smash in the glass of the opposite door. So what could possibly have these goats feeling as if they need inside this office this badly?

Goat Burglars in Training? Or Reflection Got Your Goat?

In truth, it’s not a matter of the livestock wanting to enter the office at all. Instead, the agitated members of the herd most likely see their reflection in the large glass panes. When this happens, many animals will see their reflected image as a challenger.

In short: it takes a highly-cognizant species to recognize a reflection as themselves. Most animals will simply mistake a reflection for what it looks like: another animal directly facing them. To a goat, especially large males, this is only something a challenger (or very brave goat) will do.

So when this herd was faced with tall reflective surfaces, we’re betting they felt the need to exert dominance over “the goat in the glass” – i.e., their reflection.

This is a rather common phenomenon, too. Most mammals will never encounter a reflection straight on, as they simply don’t occur in nature in the same way a man-made window presents such a thing. Many stories have gone viral of deer crashing through home and office windows for much the same reason as these goats.