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Watch: Humpback Whales Crash Father-Daughter Fishing Trip

(Photo by Miguel MEDINA / AFP) (Photo credit should read MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images)

A father-daughter duo got a whale of a surprise on a fishing trip in Canada, Sunday morning. The pair were in a fishing boat in Conception Bay when two huge humpback whales breached right in front of them.

Sean Russell’s timing was impeccable; he captured the video of his daughter and the whales right as they spun behind her. In his Facebook video, he calls it, “Humpback. Ballet.” to point out the majestic, dancer-like twirls of the humpbacks.


Sean’s daughter, Sarah Russell is undeniably baffled when she sees the humpbacks leap into the air. Her reaction following the first breach is pure shock. The young girl seems near breathless as her mouth hangs open. The words “What just happened?” finally come out of her mouth as a huge smile lights up her face. She turns to continue watching the giants swim into the distance, continuing their show for the duo.

In a video the two recorded shortly after watching the humpbacks flip, Sean Russell says he thought they may have scared them away, at first, CBC reports. “We thought we may have spooked them or something, but they dove right under our boat,” he said. He decided to film the massive whales after they inched close to the boat, unaware that they were about to put on a show for the fishing pair.

The father-daughter duo is certain this is a once in a lifetime experience that they’ll remember forever. Sean Russell said of his daughter in the video, “It was quite an experience I’ll never forget with her. She’s my fishing buddy.”