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Outside Beers: Jay Cutler and Jason Try Out Local Beers in the Dominican Republic and Jason Loses a Bet


Outsider’s Jay Cutler and Jason Sheer know that the best way to enjoy a few beers is ice cold, outside, under a warm sun. And the sun doesn’t get much warmer than in the Caribbean. So what did the boys do while on vacation in the Dominican Republic recently? Enjoyed a few local beers, of course.

First on the list was easy-drinking Presidente Light, a popular local fare on tap in every bar and restaurant. If you’ve ever been traveling internationally, you know most countries rely on just a few homemade options that residents grow up loving and tourists fall in love with while abroad. Think Red Stripe in Jamaica, or Kalik in the Bahamas.

“We’ve had…a few of these already,” Jay admitted before taking an ‘official’ sip of Presidente Light. “I could do this. I hated it at the pool. But out of a bottle, it’s not bad. I want to drink the whole thing.”

“And I won’t stop you,” Jason smiled. “I like it. Maybe it’s where we are, and what we’ve been doing all morning, but it’s good.”

After a bit of beer trivia (did you know that beer is the 3rd most consumed beverage in the entire world?), the boys took a few sips of Bohemia. The pilsner is actually brewed in the same factory as the Presidente, but offers drinkers a bit more flavor…we think…maybe.

“Same beer, different bottle,” Jason remarked. “But this one has a little more an amber taste to it,” Jay said back, adding that he liked it, too.

“I think it’s the brown bottle faking you out,” Jason decided. “But it’s hard to beat the environment, so I think beers are just going to taste better.”

“I can be influenced easily apparently,” Jay said with a chuckle. “You can drink these anytime — pool, lake, on a little motor scooter. But I think we got two winners here.”

“I agree,” Jason said, bringing this international episode of Outside Beers to a satisfying close. Check out our Instagram for more episodes, and let us know in the comments which beers we need to try next.