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Outside Beers: Jay Cutler and Jason Try Budweiser Heavy on a Picnic Table for a Very Patriotic Episode

(via Outsider)

We’re back with another special Fourth of July edition of Outside Beers with Jay Cutler and Jason Sheer as they test out an American classic – Budweiser. During July 4th weekend celebrations, we can guarantee thousands, if not millions, of Bud Heavies were cracked open and enjoyed across the nation. While the lighter version of Budweiser, Bud Light, might get more attention, we’re sticking with the original today.

So far, the guys have drank their way through Cincinnati and the Dominican Republic in recent episodes. But they’re back home in Nashville these days and recently taste-tested some hometown Music City beers along with another from Baltimore. Continuing their local run, Jay and Jason start out this edition of Outside Beers with another Tennessee beer from Mills Creek Brewing. They drink the brewery’s flagship Premium Light American Lager and they’re all-in immediately.

“Big fan, big fan,” Jay Cutler says of the Mills Creek lager as soon as he tastes it.

“I like it,” Jason agreed. “It’s just good, regular beer. What can you say? The can is cool, 4th of July.”

“Gimme another,” Cutler added.

However, today’s clip is all about the stars and stripes. And next up, the guys are drinkin’ arguably the most patriotic beer of them all (especially if you’re going by the can).

“What’s more American than a Bud Heavy on the #4thofjuly?” Outsider’s Instagram account wrote. “Because beers taste better on the 4th.”

Outside Beers Serves Up a Classic As the Guys Taste Budweiser On July 4th

Jay and Jason finish up their Mills Creek lagers and set them aside as they break out the second beer of the day. The guys pick up two Budweisers adorned in the stars and stripes of our American flag. It’s that time of year for patriotic packaging, and as Jay says while looking over the can of Bud, “It doesn’t get any more America than this.”

“This is America in a can,” Jason says just before the two take their first sip.

Unfortunately, the Budweiser cans were somewhat warm by the time they made it to the picnic table. Jason amusingly blamed the Kroger grocery store where they bought the beers. But we might need to add ice to our shopping list for the next Outside Beers video.

“A Bud Heavy, warm?” Jay Cutler says in the video.

“That’ll make a man out of ya,” Jason chimed in.

“It just gets heavier,” Jay added.

Not the best conditions for the beverage, so it’s safe to assume we can call this one a wash. We don’t care how good the beer is, if it’s warm, it’s going to be subpar at best. So A+ on the patriotic packaging, but we’ll give the beer itself a DNF (did not finish) since the guys didn’t exactly chug their warm beers.

Make sure to check out more of the fun in the Instagram video above. As a former NFL quarterback, Jay opens up about enjoying the national anthem before games, the guys talk about 4th of July necessities like hot dogs, and each shares their patriotic blue sneakers on Independence Day. Enjoy another edition of Outsider’s Outside Beers.