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The Marty Smith Podcast: Brandon Davis Talks Social Media, Opening for Tim McGraw, and Passion for Music

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Hey y’all, it’s a new week so you know what that means here at Outsider. Marty Smith and co-host Wes Blankenship are back for a new episode of The Marty Smith Podcast. On today’s show, their special guest is Brandon Davis who talks to the guys about social media, opening for a country legend in Tim McGraw, and his own passion for music.

Brandon Davis on The Marty Smith Podcast

The guys start their conversation talking about their love-hate relationship with social media. For instance, Davis talks about learning how to best use social media to advance his musical career with the assistance of his wife. It’s all about the shorter clips to grab folks’ attention that hopefully leads to them wanting to turn around listen to a whole song after hearing just a snippet.

They also get into Davis’ relationship with Tim McGraw. Davis tells Marty, “It’s like taking everything you dream of as a kid, tying it up, and putting it right there on the table and saying, ‘If you open that right there, everything that you have been longing for in this industry, unwrap it and tell me how it feels.”

Davis mentions how he was speechless when his dreams came true and just how special it was to begin touring with an icon like Tim McGraw in country music.

Marty & Wes Debate Coaching Attire

Who is right when it comes down to what folks prefer their head coach to wear while roaming the sidelines on game day? Is it better for folks to rock the quarter-zip or is it better for folks to continue on with the suit-and-tie game?

Marty could not believe that over 300 people in his Twitter mentions debated this topic when he posed it while watching March Madness with his family over the weekend. “If I’m a coach, I’m going to wear a suit,” Wes tells Marty. His way of thinking is that if he does go this route, this means that the school will pay for future suits.

Why not go all out? Wes thinks it makes more sense for coaches to go out and get the suits because the school likely already provides them with an unlimited supply of the tracksuits. He also mentions that it should really come down to the coaching style of the coach. For Rick Barnes, it might make more sense to wear the suit, but for Bruce Pearl, a tracksuit makes more sense because of how much he moves around on the sideline and how animated he is.

You can listen to the full episode of The Marty Smith Podcast on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.