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The Marty Smith Podcast: Scottie Scheffler Proves Texas is Back, Marty Buys Luke Combs a Masters Hat, and Wes Needs Waffle House Shoes

(Photo by Augusta National/Getty Images)

Following last week’s special episode recorded live in Augusta, GA, The Marty Smith Podcast is back as the guys talk about their experiences at the 86th Masters Tournament. Hosts Marty Smith and Wes Blankenship attended this year’s major at Augusta National and had plenty to chat about as they recapped last week’s tourney.

Of course, the co-hosts discuss golfer Scottie Scheffler winning his first green jacket on Sunday. The guys were both super impressed with his performance throughout all four rounds of The Masters. Marty shares multiple great stories from the eight days he spent in Augusta. Plus, Wes needs to get his hands on some Waffle House shoes – we’ll explain further.

Marty Smith talks getting a Masters hat for country star Luke Combs while at the tournament. Wes takes a shot at Georgia Tech, and the guys answer a carpool question from Marty’s daughter, Mia. Our hosts talk about that and much more on this week’s new episode of The Marty Smith Podcast.

Scottie Scheffler’s Masters Win Puts Texas Back On the Map

As our co-hosts dived into their Masters weekend, both Marty and Wes said they could pinpoint when they knew Scottie Scheffler would win it. When Scheffler hit his third shot from the pine straw on No. 18 on Saturday, the guys said he looked unfazed. Both commended him for his composure and said they knew he would win it all the next day.

“To say I’m impressed [with Scottie Scheffler] would be a colossal understatement. He’s a special one,” Marty Smith said of the golfer during the podcast.

As their conversation continued, the topic of Scheffler being a Texas Longhorn came up. He’s one of many University of Texas alums on the PGA Tour, including Ben Crenshaw, Jordan Spieth, Tom Kite, Justin Leonard, and Mark Brooks who are each major champions. Texas golfers have definitely made their mark on the game, so it’s hard to deny their prominence. They may not have won a football title since the days of Vince Young, but their sports programs are obviously still producing some elite athletes.

Wes chimed in with a related question of his own: do Texas golfers say, “Hook ‘Em Horns?” It’s a fair point since the last thing golfers want to do is hook their shot. Maybe that’s a question for Scottie Scheffler the next time Marty Smith speaks with him.

Marty Buys Country Star Luke Combs a Hat From The Masters

While covering the 2022 Masters Tournament for ESPN, Marty Smith got a message from a friend of the podcast – country star Luke Combs. The musician knew Marty was at Augusta National for the huge golf event and had a request for him.

“I get a text from Luke Combs,” Marty Smith said as he name-dropped the famous country musician. “And Luke’s like, ‘Hey, bud, hook your boy up.’ So I’m like, ‘What do you want?!’ He goes, ‘Get me a hat.’ And I’m like, ‘There’s all kinds of hats. It’s the greatest hat selection in the history of The Masters. What do you want?'”

Fans of the country singer know Luke loves a good hat. He’s often seen wearing a ball cap of some sort in his day-to-day life or even on stage when performing. So it came as no surprise that Luke wanted one of the popular Masters hats that are available in Augusta National’s gift shops. In fact, the golf course has one helluva selection of hats, so Marty needed a better idea of what he wanted.

Would Luke Combs get a traditional ball cap, a fitted hat, a trucker hat, a rope hat, or one of the other seemingly endless options of hats? The country star went with the green rope hat from The Masters. You can’t go wrong with that one or any other hat from the famous event honestly.

Wes Needs to Get His Hands on Waffle House Shoes

In an amusing segment of the podcast, co-host Wes shared a story about going to a Waffle House for breakfast on Saturday morning. His server noticed his Masters hat and asked if he got the Adidas x Waffle House limited-edition golf shoes. Wes hadn’t but loves Waffle House and would love a pair.

He asked the server if they got them, but the server said they had a lottery for them and their submission wasn’t selected. Wes pleaded with the higher ups at Waffle House to hook up their employees before Marty Smith shared his own story about the coveted golf cleats.

Knowing how much Georgia Tech football coach Geoff Collins loves Waffle House, and knowing GT is an Adidas-sponsored university, he text Geoff about the golf cleats. Supposedly the coach carries around a Waffle House sweet tea cup every day, so Marty had to know if he got the shoes.

“So I hit him up,” Marty Smith said of texting Geoff Collins. “I was like, ‘Bro, did you get the Waffle House golf shoes yet?’ He said, ‘No, but the CEO tells me they’re in the mail.’ [Later] that day, he sends me a photograph [of the Waffle House shoes].”

The guys joke around about that and much more in the newest episode of The Marty Smith Podcast. Make sure to listen to the full show below or tune in on Spotify, Apple, or wherever else you listen to your favorite podcasts.