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Uncut With Jay Cutler: Danica Patrick Talks Reincarnation and Dropping Out of High School

(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/FilmMagic)

During the most recent episode of Uncut With Jay Cutler, the former star NFL quarterback welcomed racing legend Danica Patrick to his podcast.

As Cutler points out, Patrick’s Wikipedia page is a lengthy one. She’s raced in the IndyCar Series and the NASCAR Cup Series. The 39-year-old has hosted the ESPY Awards, she has her own podcast, owns a candle company, makes wine, and released a book in 2017.

Additionally, Patrick is also a huge proponent for healthy living, and spoke about how her spiritual side, which has guided her since she was a teenager. Her various ventures have all been influenced by her spirituality. She nurtures her mind, body, and spirit on a regular basis and does yoga to keep herself centered.

“I’ve always been into it,” Patrick told Cutler. “…I’ve always kinda believed in that stuff. I’m always skeptical of everything, but leave space also for everything. So I’ve probably always been much more on the spiritual side of things. I was buying love signs books when I was a teenager and calling psychics. Feeling like there was some energy in this room and didn’t want to go in there. So I always kinda had [spiritual things] on my mind.”

Danica Patrick Tells Jay Cutler About Her ‘Mystical Experience’ In Mexico

As their conversation continued, host Jay Cutler and his guest dive into the race car driver’s thoughts on reincarnation. Cutler opened up about the idea that we may have unfinished business on earth, so we come back to complete that cycle. He then asked Patrick about her thoughts on if we can come back as animals to which both agreed they’d love to return as their beloved and spoiled dogs.

“I think that I was a dog in another life because I feel so deeply connected to them,” Patrick shared about her possible past life. “I actually had this really mystical experience happen in Mexico in January, February of ’17. And it had to do with a dog.”

While on the beach in Tulum, a stray dog kept coming up to Danica. She’d look for it whenever she was on the beach because she loves being around dogs so much. However, it wouldn’t return and visit her whenever she wanted it to. The former NASCAR driver says when she would finally let go of her emotional attachment to the dog, it would all of a sudden pop back up again. She called it “a weird energetic dynamic” between herself and the animal that made a huge impression on her.

Danica Opens Up About Dropping Out of High School to Pursue Her Racing Career

Following Jay Cutler and Danica Patrick’s fascinating conversation about reincarnation, they eventually got into the origins of her racing career. For those that may not realize, Patrick began kart racing at only 10 years old. In fact, she and her younger sister got into go-kart racing and were already driving upwards of 80 mph by the time she was 11.

During her junior year, Patrick dropped out of high school to pursue her racing career full-time. With hindsight, everything worked out more than well. Patrick went on to become the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel car racing. It was a risky move at the time, but her parents supported her fully.

“It wasn’t that hard [to convince them],” she said when Jay Cutler asked her how she convinced her parents to let her drop out. “They actually said it would be far worse to not have the opportunity than to have it and have you go. That’s kinda their opinion of it. They were comfortable and let me have a run at racing.”

Danica dropped out and moved to the United Kingdom to continue her career in racing. She returned to the States three years later and within six more years she became the first woman to ever win an IndyCar race. Make sure to listen to the full Uncut With Jay Cutler podcast below or watch it on YouTube here.