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WATCH: Jay Cutler Preps Kentucky Farm for Deer Season With Moultrie Trail Cams, Feeders

(via Outsider)

Jay Cutler, Outsider co-founder and former NFL quarterback, took us on a behind-the-scenes tour of his Kentucky farm as he preps for deer season. The Outsider crew and Cutler have teamed up with Moultrie this season to set up the brand’s trail cameras and feeders on his property.

“We teamed up with Moultrie – unbelievable company,” Jay Cutler says in the Outsider video. “They’ve been very generous to us… got a ton of cameras, deer feeders, deer stands. All the stuff. So we’re going to put out some cameras, maybe a feeder, start tracking some of these deer, and get ready for deer season.”

Jay Cutler Demonstrates How To Set Up Your Moultrie Gear

As Jay heads out on his property to some of his favorite hunting spots, he’s packed up his Kawasaki UTV with all kinds of Moultrie gear. Jay has various cameras, camera mounts, smart phone readers, and batteries all in Moultrie’s Camera Field Bag.

Today, he’s checking out several cameras, including the company’s 32-megapixel camera (Micro-32i) and their 42-megapixel camera (Micro-42i). Jay’s also got the A900 bundle and the A900i bundle, both of which are Moultrie mobile compatible.

“What we’re going to use today, which I found really handy, is these universal camera stakes. You can use them on any [Moultrie] camera, they kinda just screw right in there,” Jay explained as he set up his cam on the stake.

After a Quick and Simple Set Up, Jay’s Ready for Hunting Season

“We’re set up. We’ve got a camera up, we’ve got a feeder going. The deer are out and about right now,” Jay says. “We’ll catch them going through that field, we’ll kinda see what we have coming up for this fall and we’ll put some names to ’em.”

Make sure you’re prepared for hunting season as well with Moultrie’s extensive line of hunting products. Go to to check out all the amazing gear Jay Cutler used in the video above along with much more. And make sure to use the code ‘Outsider’ for $20 off your purchase of $100 or more at checkout.