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85-Year-Old Green Bay Packers Fan Wins Tickets to NFC Championship: ‘Am I Dreaming?’

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One dedicated 85-year-old Packers fan is continuing her streak of never missing a playoff game at Green Bay’s Lambeau Field.

Fritzie Neitzel thought her playoff streak was coming to an unfortunate end after she wasn’t able to secure a ticket for the freezing NFC championship game today. Neitzel has attended every playoff game in the stadium since October of 1945 when she was ten years old with her father. Sheesh.

Charitable Brothers Make Packers Fan’s Dream Come True

Neitzel’s family has been season ticket holders for years, but when tickets went on sale Wednesday for the big game, they were already sold out. The 85-year-old fan’s streak was not going down without a fight, however. She heard about the Spirit of Wisconsin Booster Club, which is led by Steve Ewing, from Milwaukee, and Neal Ewing, of Green Bay.

The Boosters Club has been asking people to send in reasons why they deserve to attend a playoff game since 2015. From there, the two charitable brothers choose who is the lucky cheese head to cheer on the Packers at the coveted championship game.

“I wanted to find someone deserving this year,” Ewing said. “Someone that could really represent the spirit of the Green Bay Packers. And I’ll tell you something else, if you would read some of the entries that I get, it would bring you to tears.”

Naturally, they chose Fritzie Neitzel, because why not! Who is more deserving than an 85-year-old woman screaming in the crowd. We just hope she paints her face and yells at the referees.

The excited Packers fan said that she still doesn’t believe she got so lucky.

“Still a total mess, to tell you the truth. It’s just, I keep pinching myself. I’m thinking, am I dreaming or is this real?” Neitzel told WITI-TV.

In addition, due to restrictions put in place because of the pandemic, tickets are non-transferable. No issue. Steve Ewing got in his car and drove nearly two hours, from Milwaukee to Green Bay, on Saturday to give Neitzel the phone with the tickets.

“There’s no comparison to the reward of the joy because it’s bigger than money,” said Neal Ewing. “It’s bigger than any of the other things people chase around.”

NFL Championship

Fritzie Neitzel better get a move on because kick-off is at 3:05 p.m. ET. Her Green Bay Packers will be battling Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a chance to make it to the Super Bowl.

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Can we start a petition that we will get her a ticket for the Super Bowl if the Packers win?

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