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Ben Askren Breaks Silence on Jokes About ‘Mr. Napolean Dynamite Look-Alike’

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Former UFC fighter Ben Askren has spoken out on the jokes comparing his appearance to the movie character Napoleon Dynamite.

Askren has taken some flak recently from YouTube star turned boxer Jake Paul. The celebrity continues to troll Askren for looking (sort of) like Jon Heder’s title character from 2004’s Napoleon Dynamite. Maybe it’s the curly hair? Past that, who knows what Paul sees, but he’s already cranking up the trash talk before their fight on April 17.

Askren posted side-by-side photos of himself and an image of Napoleon Dynamite from the movie. Turns out that the MMA fighter loved the film, but doesn’t see the connection either and laughed it off.

“I love Napoleon Dynamite but I just don’t see the resemblance,” he wrote on Twitter.

Paul has referenced the movie character multiple times when speaking about their fight. In more than one social media post, the YouTuber has brought Napoleon Dynamite up when speaking about the former UFC fighter. Paul announced their fight was official on his Instagram account.

“Representing the UFC Mr. Napoleon Dynamite look-alike @benaskren finally accepted the fight. He is a two-time NCAA champion, a world champion in two different global mixed martial arts organizations and has less losses on his record than Conor Mcgregor, yet, I’m still going to knock him out faster than Masvidal did,” Paul wrote on Instagram.

In another post today, Paul commented on a statistical comparison between the two fighters.

“Hi I’m Jake Paul and I approve these stats. But I promise I will knockout Ben Askren (Napoleon Dynamite) inside the first round and add him to the meme collection,” Paul added to the post.

Ben Askren Fires Back at Jake Paul After Fight Announcement

Former UFC fighter Ben Askren hasn’t held back from commenting on his next opponent Jake Paul. Following Paul’s own verbal jabs, Askren has fired back with some of his own trash talk.

The MMA fighter is fully confident that he’ll win his April 17th fight against the YouTube star even though it’s in a boxing ring and not an MMA octagon. Paul doesn’t exactly have an impressive track record, although he is undefeated with a 2-0 record. However, he has not faced a true fighter yet, only two amateurs.

He’s fought another YouTuber in AnEsonGib (real name Ali Eson Gib) and former NBA player Nate Robinson. Paul knocked out each fighter, but his next match against Askren – a professional fighter – will be his first true test.

“Its cute that Jake thinks he is a real fighter, Im gonna beat him up April 17,” Askren wrote on Twitter.

In addition, Askren has a lot of support from people hoping his words come true. Many are sick of Paul ‘s boisterous behavior while talking as if he is a seasoned fighter. Countless fans online are pleading with Askren to put Paul in his place when April 17 comes around.

“Dear Mr Benjamin Askren, I speak for the rest of the MMA community when I say that if you knock out Jake Paul, we will strike your loss to Jorge Masvidal from the record and hail you as the savior of our sport until the end of time. Put an end to this madness. God bless,” MacMallyMMA tweeted.