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Bubba Wallace’s Latest Tweet Has the Comments Firing off

Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace is no stranger to controversy. He took to social media yet again recently to post his thoughts.

Wallace believes the culture surrounding NASCAR is changing for the better. However, he says it will require fans to follow along. He admitted as much last month when he said that some fans are just “stuck in their ways.”

Wallace is well known for his driving skills but also because he is NASCAR’s only black driver in the top cup series. Last year, he made a demand that racing officials ban the Confederate Flag from its races. NASCAR listened and banned the flag two days after he publicly called for it. And while his fellow drivers stood by him, there was some push back from racing fans.

Fast forward to a few days ago, Wallace’s most recent tweet has fans being both supportive and critical.

“Man… talking about black or brown people really upsets a lot of people. Sad,” Wallace wrote on Twitter.

Theresa Buchanan (@clouddancer2) responded to Wallace saying, “It shouldn’t. Just that simple.”

Evan Coward (@ejc8814) sent a supportive response to the NASCAR driver writing, “we love you Bubba.”

B.W. Nation (@ChanceBoyle4) seems to agree with Wallace’s sentiment. He replied saying, “Yup, it’s sad, people are downright a**holes. Remember, love wins Bubba! 🔥”

However, Bob Higbee (@higbeebob) didn’t agree. He responded to Wallace and B.W. Nation by saying, “Love wins, Bubba doesn’t because he more focused on causing division.”

You can read all of the comments on Wallace’s thread here.

Bubba Wallace Starts New Journey With 23XI Racing

Wallace has become one of the most talked-about drivers in NASCAR and all of motorsports. He’s once again the center of attention heading into the 2021 racing season.

Much of that is because of the excitement surrounding Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin’s 23 XI racing. The team recently announced its major sponsors for the season along with its paint scheme to the pleasure of many fans.

Wallace is on record as saying 2021 would be the year of “no more excuses.”

“There’s no more excuses why we can’t run up front,” Wallace said. “And compete for wins and show the true talents that I believe I have … If Jan. 1 was (the Daytona 500), then I’m ready for it.”

Meanwhile, team officials for 23XI Racing announced that part-time NASCAR driver Ty Dillon, not Bubba Wallace, would be driving the team’s No. 23 Toyota during next week’s preliminary Clash race at Daytona International Speedway. The event will mark the debut of Jordan and Hamlin’s new team.