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Bubba Wallace on NFL Players’ Newfound Love of NASCAR: ‘All About the Exposure and Experience’

(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Apparently, NFL star Alvin Kamara is a big fan of NASCAR. And that has driver Bubba Wallace very excited.

Kamara reportedly talked to the media about his love of the sport while on a Zoom interview on Friday (Feb. 19). NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Ryan Vargas also participated in the interview.

According to a tweet by reporter Jeff Gluck, Kamara’s feelings about NASCAR were very clear during the interview. “Right now @A_kamara6 and @RyanVargas_23 are doing a Zoom call with the media. Kamara comes off as extremely enthusiastic about NASCAR, lots of smiles, seems really stoked about the sport,” Gluck shared Friday afternoon.

In another tweet, Gluck elaborated on how Kamara reportedly feels about NASCAR. “Other NFL players have asked Kamara about his newfound NASCAR love: ‘Do you really like it?’ He tells them absolutely, and he’s offered to pay for them to come to the track so they can appreciate it for themselves. He’s clearly passionate about it.”

Bubba Wallace Reacts to NFL Player’s Support of NASCAR

Alvin Kamara certainly makes a very respected ambassador for the sport of NASCAR. His support could help it reach fans who might not give it a chance without his influence. Bubba Wallace is very happy to have Kamara on board.

Wallace shared his excitement as he retweeted Gluck’s message about Kamara’s love for NASCAR. “All about the exposure and experience..tell your friends, family and whoever to get out and join us! Good work homie @A_kamara6,” Wallace said.

Many fans agreed with Bubba Wallace about NASCAR.

“It’s sport. If you love sports, I feel like you can love NASCAR. Nothing like seeing a race live, just gotta feel like you belong there. Glad we took a chance a couple years back,” one follower said.

“Love this! Just got interested in nascar during quarantine last year. Might go to the race in person in vegas in a couple weeks. Keep up the good work @BubbaWallace!” another posted.

Fans React to Alvin Kamara’s Love of NASCAR

Many of Gluck’s Twitter followers had a very positive reaction to the news that Alvin Kamara is a NASCAR fan.

“This is awesome! And why not? NASCAR drivers are passionate about other sports and attend football games, baseball & basketball games, hockey too! If you haven’t been to a race you don’t know what you’re missing & its even better without covid restrictions!!” one follower posted.

“We need more athletes like @A_kamara6. Hope he can get on track himself someday and really get the full experience! It helps our sport a ton when these athletes recognize NASCAR as a sport and as something interesting,” another fan said.

“I got a picture with him at Bristol last year and thought his interest would fade, but the guy seems to seriously mean it. As my appreciation of his interest grew… so did my interest in following the Saints season. To me, this is greater than scripted interactions/engagement,” another post said.