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Bubba Wallace Shares Hilarious Thanksgiving Meal Video: ‘My Thanksgiving Tradition’

(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

This morning, NASCAR star Bubba Wallace shared his new Thanksgiving tradition on Twitter. He posted a popular online meme video. The video consists of several people dancing to a hilarious song. The song also repeats popular Thanksgiving dishes on repeat over a hard beat. In addition, the caption reads “Me: Grandma, what are you cooking for dinner?” The video represents Grandma’s response.

“My new Thanksgiving tradition… posting this video every year! Happy Thanksgiving,” Wallace says in his post. He certainly isn’t the only one gearing up to loosen up his belt this Thanksgiving.

Bubba Wallace Thanksgiving Preparations

This Thanksgiving, Bubba Wallace will also put his recent Kingsford Charcoal sponsorship to use. In a Twitter post, Wallace showed how to cook this year’s turkey on a Kingsford Pellet grill. He also cooked his mashed potatoes in the smoker with his turkey. However, is mashed potatoes cook in a large cast-iron skillet with a sprinkle of salt.

From the looks of it, Wallace also uses Kingsford 100% Hickory wood pellets. This should give the turkey a rich smokey taste. The mashed potatoes should also get a nice smoked flavor from the pellet smoker. He truly is “kickin’ it up a notch this year” with his Thanksgiving preparations. However, Bubba chose not to give away any of his cooing preparations other than the smoker.

Wallace and Richard Petty Motorsports Part Ways

Bubba Wallace and Richard Petty Motorsports decided to part ways. Wallace spent three seasons racing in the number 43 car. They said goodbye to their star driver in a short but sweet farewell Twitter post.

“From start to finish, what a ride it has been,” The post reads. “Thanks for everything Bubba, wishing you the best in your next chapter!”

Wallace also posted a farewell Tweet.

Wallace explains how he found the decision difficult, but he believes it is the right one. He claims to “have nothing but the utmost respect for Richard Petty and his family,” but it was time to move on. Wallace has a bright future in NASCAR and awaits the next chapter in racing. The NASCAR world also eagerly anticipates his next steps.