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Buffalo Bills Fans Overwhelm Local Pizza Place with Orders for Buffalo-Shaped Pies

Photo credit: Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The buffalo may not be roaming at this pizza joint. But the Buffalo Bills fans certainly are. And they want their buffalo-shaped pies.

Coppola’s Pizzeria in Erie, Pennsylvania may have landed on a gold mine. Fans are turning out in droves for their pizza pies, and they’re willing to fork out the cash. Well, there’s one specific pizza in mind that the Bills fans can’t get enough of. The pizzeria has created a buffalo-shaped pie with all the fixings.

These speciality pizzas start at $20 a piece. But they look great at a Buffalo Bills tailgate.

Buffalo Bill Fans Plan Their Tailgates

Unfortunately, money doesn’t really seem to be an issue. The pizzeria can only serve so many Buffalo Bills fans. For those who missed out on the specialty dish, you’ll just have to wait until next time. Coppola’s Pizzeria had to stop taking orders on Friday night (Jan. 8) around 9 p.m.

The fans had started to overwhelm the business, and the pizzeria couldn’t keep up with the demand. The specialty pizzas require a little more love and care than a traditional pizza.

“Our ovens can only cook so fast and there is a specific process to make this pizza as good as the rest!!” the pizzeria wrote on Facebook. “We can still make you a killer party pizza!! Go Bills!!”

Perhaps one of the reasons business is booming is a by-product of the pandemic. Excited fans can’t pack the stadiums like to in the games of yesteryear. Due to COVID-19 concerns, only 6,700 fans can enter the stadium at a time. That leaves a lot of fans out and having to celebrate on their own. Tailgates have always been the lifeblood of sports, but they’re more important now than ever.

During tonight’s (Jan. 9) match-up, the Buffalo Bills will play the Colts.