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WATCH: Charles Barkley Reveals How Much Money it Would Take for Him to Join LIV Golf

Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

In an appearance this week on the Dan Patrick Show, NBA Hall of Famer and TV analyst Charles Barkley talked about his ongoing discussions with LIV Golf. Last week, Barkley confirmed that discussions are taking place. In the meantime, he will be playing in the upcoming Pro-Am at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster from July 29-31.

Back to Patrick’s show, where he estimated that Barkley makes around $20 million through his job on TNT and endorsements. Barkley acknowledged that it was more, but Patrick was in the ballpark.

Patrick then asked how Barkley would react if LIV Golf said they would triple that number. That means proposing an offer of over $60 million.

“If they triple it, and next time I’m on your show,” Barkley responded. “The first question better be, ‘Charles, where we celebrating at tonight?'”

Not the best negotiation tactic by Barkley here. But what is the difference if he might end up blowing the money betting anyways?

Charles Barkley Pairing with David Feherty on LIV Golf Broadcasts?

Last month while on the Pat McAfee Show, Charles Barkley joked that if he got an offer like Phil Mickelson ($200 million) or Dustin Johnson ($150 million), he would have said yes, too. Not only that, he took it even further.

“I don’t judge other people,” Barkley said on June 17. “If somebody gave me $150 or $200 million, I’d kill a relative – even one I liked!”

That is exactly why Barkley would be appealing to LIV Golf for their broadcast team. Last week, it was announced that longtime PGA Tour on-course analyst David Feherty would be joining the venture for 8-to-10 events per year.

Feherty – like Barkley – is known most of all for his “irreverence,” which most people would agree with in one way or another. But both have an endearing kind of irreverence. The pair would bring some color to the sport of golf, which can obviously become stale – especially on television.