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PHOTO: Conor McGregor’s New ‘Shiner’ Leaves Fans Questioning the Cause

(Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

MMA icon Conor McGregor is double sporting some shark skin and a shiner in his latest photos, and fans are absolutely losing their minds.

“Shark skin,” McGregor’s official Instagram, The Notorious MMA, captions the sharp photo. Within, we see the MMA icon sporting said super slick shark skin. But that’s not all he’s wearing. No, fans cannot help but ask: “Why, professional fighter Conor McGregor, do you have a black eye?”

While the answer sort of just answers itself, in no way am I about to deprive you of the glory that is the comment section on this single Instagram post. Behold:

“Who gave you that black eye king 😢,” asks fan Jon with the most concerned of sad smileys.

Fellow Conor McGregor fans are quick to jump in to explain, too, as is the way of the internet. Check out the explanations for yourself below McGregor’s photo. You won’t regret it.

“It’s called sparring,” replies Marcus. Thanks, champ. 10 points for detail! Those playing the home game, however, may wish for a bit more specifics.

It’s Instagram follower Shauny that comes in hot with the details next, writing: “It means he’s going all out in his training! Even in training shit happens, or he’s letting his sparring partner hit him more in the face to make his strong chin even stronger!”

Conor McGregor Fans Spar over… Sparring

Shauny adds that it “could even be sparring with someone in a higher weight class. Fighters do that so they get used to taking hard shots, so when [Conor McGregor] fights Dustin, his hardest punch won’t do shit cause he’s been taking punches in training from someone 2 or 3 weight classes higher. The King will be ready!”

But not everyone is in on Shauny’s explanation. Take Notorious_53, example, who, well, you can guess how this is going to go by his Instagram username alone:

“lmfao clearly you have no fighting experience. Yes he is training hard, but he’s not LETTING his partner hit him to train his chin😂 that’s the stupidest and most amateur thing you could say,” they respond to Shauny. “You can train the body to take a punch, u cant train your chin dummy.”

Ah, internet. You never fail to entertain. Especially when Shauny fires back with “If you take no face shots in training you won’t be ready to take shots to the face it the cage… Not saying taking haymakers to the face but they do take shots in the face in training… Not taking any punches to the face in training is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Take that, Notorious! And all this over a single black eye for Conor McGregor, who’s had more than men can count, I’m sure. The MMA superstar is wearing the bruising like a badge and looking incredible in his shark skin suit while people lose their minds over a bruise on a professional fighter.

Somehow this feels like Instagram in a nutshell. And something tells us the world’s highest-paid athlete of 2020 isn’t nearly as concerned with his shiner as said fans.