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Dana White Breaks Silence on Jake Paul’s Threats, Criticizes His Fights

Mike Roach, Getty Images

Dana White addressed recent comments from Jake Paul, and had a fun response for the internet celebrity.

After the UFC on ESPN 30, White was questioned about the YouTuber during a press conference. Jake Paul recently said that his and White’s feud would end with him “knocking him the f–k out.”

“It actually makes sense,” White said. “I’m 52 years old. I’m in the age bracket of guys he fights, so yeah, I could see him wanting to fight me. It’s all he fights are 50-year-olds.”

White isn’t taking his threat seriously in the slightest. He realizes that fighters will say “mean things” in relation to the sport.

“Let me tell you what,” he continued. “Get in line. There are plenty of people who would like to assault me. Get in line. It’s a long f–king line, buddy. You’re going to be waiting for a while. No, it doesn’t bother me. This is the business we’re in. I say it all the time about the fighters, too. We are not in the nice guy business. This is a very mean business. I say many mean things about people, too. It’s just part of this game. It’s all good.”

What Jake Paul Said About Dana White

Jake Paul seemingly started the feud with UFC President Dana White. Although Paul has made numerous comments about White in the media, he believes that Dana White is more concerned with their feud.

“He talks about me way more than I talk about him,” Paul told MMA Fighting. “A lot of times I’ll just be minding my business and then all of a sudden there’s like a whole new interview that comes out where he’s talking about me. I’m definitely in his head because before when we were talking, it was just random back and forth but now I’m actually affecting his business and they don’t like that.”

During media workouts, Paul said that he believes Dana White is trying to “discredit” what he’s doing. He noted that White loved Tyon Woodley one minute, as he’s a five-time UFC champion and the next, not so much.

“Dana White’s saying, ‘He’s one of the greatest welterweights ever,’” he continued. “And then, boom, 12 months later he sucks, Jake Paul’s fighting him, blah blah blah. He’s just trying to discredit anything that I do. Which, of course, that’s what I would do if I was in his position, he’s a smart guy. I think it ends with me running into him at a club in Vegas and me knocking him the f–k out.”

Paul is scheduled to fight the former UFC welterweight champion Woodley on Sunday, August 29 night. The fight will take place in Cleveland, Ohio at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. Tune in to the PPV at 8 PM ET.