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Daytona 500: Bubba Wallace Catching Heat About Mask in National Anthem Flyover Photo

(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

Bubba Wallace is making headlines yet again. This time though it’s not about his new team nor something he said.

It’s about something he did, or should we say didn’t do.

The No. 23 Toyota Camry driver shared a photo of himself during the flyover that took place during the singing of the national anthem before the Daytona 500. In the photo, the F16 Air Force Thunderbirds are in perfect uniform and Wallace is captured to the right, all framed perfectly in this photo.

However, there’s one detail that has Twitter users in an uproar. Not only is Wallace feeling the hypothetical heat from the impressive jets, but he’s under fire for not wearing his facial covering the correct way. All of this happened to be captured in this photo.

Viewers can see that Bubba Wallace’s mask is not covering his nose. According to the Center for Disease Control, the mask should go over your nose and mouth, and then secure it under your chin.

Critics on Twitter took this chance to tell the race car driver how a facial covering should be worn.

“Pull your mask up! It goes over the nose!” writes on person.

“it’s gotta go over your nose too, king,” shares another user.

“My dude, I love you but your mask goes OVER YOUR NOSE. Please,” comments this fan.

Bubba Wallace saw the controversy surrounding the way he was wearing his mask and took the time to respond in the comments.

“Yes. I know. It slipped down during the anthem,” Wallace writes about the mistake that just happened to be caught on camera.

Bubba Wallace Drives for New Team, Marks Milestone at Daytona 500

Wallace, in many ways, is winning this year. The 27-year-old signed with a new race team this year, 23XI. He’s the driver of the No. 23 Toyota Camry for NBA superstar Michael Jordan, and fellow race car driver Denny Hamlin. The car is numbered after Jordan’s long-standing jersey number.

Even though Bubba Wallace, didn’t get the start he wanted at the Daytona 500, he was determined to remain focused and perform to the best of his ability. The No. 23 race car failed inspection not once, but twice before the race. According to NASCAR’s rules, the team’s car chief was kicked off the grounds. The Toyota Camry passed on the third attempt but still had to start from the back of the field.

What’s more, Bubba Wallace is the first black driver to lead a lap during the Daytona 500. His name is also in the record books for the highest finish in the Daytona 500 by a black driver