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Daytona 500: FOX Cuts to Commercial as Wreck Happens, Fans Are Furious

Photo by Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images

NASCAR fans are heated on social media after the FOX broadcast of the Daytona 500 cut to commercial just as an accident had happened.

The 2021 NASCAR season got off to somewhat of a shaky start early on Sunday. The 63rd running of the Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway had to be stopped after 15 laps because of rain, lightning, and crashes.

However, after having to anxiously wait out a five-hour weather delay, the race finally got back underway late on Sunday night. The long delay prompted several NASCAR drivers in the race to make fast-food runs outside of the track.

But even with the race back on, fans have taken to multiple platforms to express their frustration with the FOX broadcast. Multiple fans were left wondering why FOX cut to a commercial break when there was an accident on the track.

“Come on FOX kill the commercials #DAYTONA #DAYTONA500 #NASCAR,” Corey Payne (@Cpayne1208) wrote on Twitter.

Another NASCAR fan, Michael (MichaelDRacing), shared that same sentiment. He was wondering why the broadcast would go to commercial when there was clearly something important going on.

“Why’d we cut to commercial when there was clearly something happening? #NASCAR,” he says. “Fresh off pit stops, Toyota cutting their way back to the front and field starting to stack up again with the big speed differences and we cut to commercial and miss the lead change and the accident. Not sure why we didn’t wait a lap or two to see if it sorted out.”

Marcus Bravo, (@m_bravo_9), says it’s time for NASCAR to consider a new network for their races.

“It is seriously time for nascar to reconsider keeping fox around, I sincerely hope they don’t #NASCAR”

FOX Shows Rerun During Rain Delay at Daytona 500

As if fans weren’t already upset enough about the FOX broadcast of the Daytona 500, FOX Sports ran a rerun during the rain delay to keep people entertained.

However, they must not have taken into account the fact that many NASCAR fans would mistake the rerun of the Busch Clash with the starting back up of the Daytona 500. Fans on Twitter came out in spades to express their discontent over the sudden change in the race.

“Why did they reroute the track at the Daytona 500?” one fan asked on Twitter. Another fan had the same question. “Why is the track weaving in and out of the infield?”

The Daytona 500 runs the full length of the track. However, the Busch Clash takes a route through the infield with several extra turns. This was confusing people who thought they were watching the Daytona 500.

One fan was stressing out thinking she was watching the big race before another user chimed in.

“6 to go and I’m stressing #DAYTONA500,” she tweeted. Another fan was quick to let her know she was watching a rerun of the Busch Clash. “Uhm you are rewatching the Busch Clash lol 😆”

Further, another fan said it took him five laps of watching the rerun to realize what was happening.

“Just watched 5 laps of the #Daytona500 and didn’t realize it was a replay 😂😂” he said.

At least some NASCAR fans were able to find humor in the situation. For more coverage of the Daytona 500 stay with your friends here at Outsider.