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Daytona 500: FOX Skips ‘The Simpsons’ To Show Race Coverage During Rain Delay, Fans are Heated

(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

It appears that FOX cannot win with its viewers on Sunday night as fans of “The Simpsons” can’t see their show because of the Daytona 500.

Why is this happening? Well, FOX has been showing the Daytona 500 throughout Sunday. The race, which kicks off the NASCAR Cup Series season, has been dealing with weather delays all Sunday long.

The network decided to stay with its race coverage and not allow “The Simpsons” or other regular FOX Sunday night TV shows to air.

Fans of “The Simpsons” are not pleased and shared their opinions on social media.

Daytona 500 Choice By FOX Leaves ‘Simpsons’ Fans Ticked

Another disgruntled viewer, Matt Imblum, offered this thought. “Why does @FOXTV think people would rather watch a nascar rain delay than the Simpsons??”

He did get a response from another viewer, Joey Taylor, who tweeted, “Because nascar gets over 10x the viewers. I watch both.”

One more fan put his emotions out there for the world to see, saying, “So the stupid car race is delayed, but instead of airing #TheSimpsons, like they’re supposed to, Fox is showing people sitting around talking about a race that isn’t happening? WTF?”

FOX reportedly is keeping race coverage on its main network. Some fans wanted the network to move the Daytona 500 off of FOX and put it on FOX Sports instead.

According to NASCAR’s website, officials were going to restart the race at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central. If that’s the case, then FOX’s Sunday animation show fans are out of luck this week.

Newman Has ‘No Memory’ of Daytona 500 Crash Last Year

Meanwhile, NASCAR driver Ryan Newman, who was back in the Daytona 500 lineup on Sunday, found himself out of the race after another massive crash.

But this year’s incident has nothing in common with his crash from 2020. Even at this point, Newman said he has “no memory” of that horrid crash.

Newman was involved in a fiery crash at Daytona 500 last year. He was hospitalized after it, leading him to miss three races because of a head injury.

It was his third attempt at winning the Daytona 500, which he did in 2008. In 2019, Newman was involved in a terrible crash. Last year, Newman was leading on the final lap until his car crashed, flipped, and caught on fire just before the finish line.

He was immediately taken from the scene by an ambulance and checked into a hospital.

Newman was shown a video of the accident and said, “I have no memory, therefore I have no fear, but it’s also my passion and my love and what I enjoy doing.”

Expect to see Ryan Newman back out on the NASCAR track next week. Hopefully, FOX will also be able to show “The Simpsons” on time, too.