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Deal of the Season: Vanderbilt-UConn Charging Only $1 for Stadium Tickets

Photo by Missouri Athletics/Collegiate Images/Getty Images)

It’s no secret that ticket prices for college football games have steadily gone up over the years. Thankfully, tickets for the Vanderbilt and Uconn game this weekend will be affordable.

As a matter of fact, tickets to the Vanderbilt game in Nashville will be very affordable. It’s hard to believe, but tickets for the game are going for as little as a single dollar. So, if you are a fan of college football or if you’re just in Nashville for the weekend looking for something fun to do, this could be your chance to capitalize on one of the best deals of the season.

Barrett Sallee with CBS Sports tweeted out the good news on Friday morning. He even included a infographic showing the one dollar ticket price in multiple sections of the stands.

“Get-in price for UConn vs. Vanderbilt on Saturday night is now down to $1.”

As for college football fans on Twitter, they questioned whether or not the team should have just given tickets away for free.

“Wouldn’t they be better off giving tickets away for free and relying on concessions?” one person asked. “I would think free admission and then charging $2 each for popcorn, drinks, and hotdogs would make more money than actually paying for the game.”

Two dollars for popcorn, drinks, and hotdogs is probably wishful thinking on their end. If you have been to a sports stadium to watching any kind of event, you know the prices for concessions are insanely high. Another fan pointed out exactly that.

“Just 2 dollars?! I know I frequent MLB games more so than college football. Is the price difference that much for concessions lol I paid 12 for one beer at a Braves game.”

Vanderbilt Football Trying Its Best to Bring In More Fans

It goes without saying that citizens in Nashville have a lot to do in the area. And going to a Vanderbilt football game probably isn’t at the top of their list.

But with that said, the school is still trying to promote their football game. They have a hard time filling the stands as it is, but this upcoming matchup will be especially difficult since it’s between the 1-3 Commodores and the 0-5 Connecticut Huskies. Vandy was able to pull off a win against Colorado State, but the rest of the season has been pretty ugle. East Tennessee State beat them by 20 points in the season opener and Georgia destroyed them 62-0 last weekend.

It’s safe to say that Vanderbilt is not exactly a college football powerhouse team. So, the university is certainly hoping that the one-dollar ticket prices will help to bring more fans in to see the game.