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F1 Driver Mick Schumacher Airlifted To Hospital After Qualifying Crash in Saudi Arabia

(Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images)

After a crash during qualifying at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix today, Formula One driver Mick Schumacher was airlifted to the hospital. The Haas F1 Team driver is apparently “physically in good condition” according to a release from the team itself. He was taken to the hospital as a precaution and will not be participating in tomorrow’s race.

What to Know

  • Mick Schumacher is a German driver for Haas F1 Team
  • The 23-year-old driver crashed during qualifying in Saudi Arabia and was taken by helicopter to the hospital for precautionary reasons
  • According to his team, he is in good shape physically
  • His father is former seven-time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher

For the young driver, this is just his second year in the Formula One league. He started racing for Haas last year in 2021. Since then, he has been finding his way into the top-tier racing league. While he has shown promise, this incident will set him back a bit. Thankfully, a statement from the FIA said that he had no injuries after the wreck.

In racing, wrecks are tricky. You can never tell what is going to be a bad wreck resulting in injuries or what will be a minor incident. While the video of the wreck does not look great, in fact, it is almost scary to watch, knowing that Schumacher is safe after being taken to the hospital makes it easier to watch.

Of course, Formula One has worked really hard to bring safety to the sport. Seeing this car ripped apart puts things into perspective.

This season is supposed to be a big one for the young driver. He is a backup for Ferrari and wants to find his way behind the wheel of one of their cars one day soon. With the pressure of his dad’s legacy, that can’t be easy. Last season, he finished 19th in the points standings. Before this weekend, he was 11th on the 2022 season after one race.

Mick Schumacher Provides Update After Crash

When Mick Schumacher was able to, he provided an update to fans. So, feel good knowing that the young driver is in good spirits and looking forward to the next race.

Seeing him smiling and focused on the task at hand has to be reassuring for fans. Mick has a lot of people rooting for him and one day, he’s going to make good on his legacy. F1 racing is not for the faint of heart. The fact that he is ready to get back into a car after his was torn in two hours earlier is inspiring.

The Haas F1 Team driver will not race tomorrow. This is to give Schumacher the time to be fully ready. Even without injuries, I’m sure that he will be a little sore tomorrow morning. So, that means it is on to the next one.